IronPort, Determina unleash proactive tools

From different vantage points in the network, IronPort Systems Inc. and Determina Inc. are attempting to thwart virus outbreaks by providing early prevention against attacks.

IronPort this week will unveil Virus Outbreak Filters, which leverage IronPort's spam-fighting technology to detect virus outbreaks in real time and quarantine suspicious messages until traditional antivirus signatures are deployed.

The Virus Outbreak Filters tap data from SenderBase, IronPort's e-mail traffic monitoring network that tracks 20 million IP addresses globally to detect anomalies in message volume and delivery patterns, according to IronPort CEO Scott Weiss. The filters add information about message size and message type, he said.

Virus Outbreak Filters are integrated into IronPort's e-mail security appliances and are designed to complement existing antivirus products.

With its antispam technology, IronPort has a great view into e-mail and the way it is being used by enterprises and marketers, said Phebe Waterfield, an analyst at The Yankee Group. "Spam and viruses are now intertwined; viruses are being delivered via spam. The solution is filtering," he said.

Determina last week rolled out SecureCore, intrusion-prevention software designed to proactively block malicious code before it can execute. Based on the company's Memory Firewall technology, SecureCore creates a protective shield around enterprise applications and data while running in computer memory.

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