TimesTen touts transaction processing in Version 5.1

TimesTen Inc. on Monday will release Version 5.1 of its data management and transaction processing system, focusing on the "real-time enterprise."

The product line is being expanded with three products: Transact, for real-time transaction processing; Cache, for dynamic data caching; and DataServer, for memory optimized data management and replication. These products feature Version 5.1 of TimesTen's core technology, which doubles to quadruples performance over the previous release. It adds role-based security, real-time recovery, integration with Tibco Rendezvous messaging, and a memory-optimized transaction manager. Tibco can handle the distribution of messages while TimesTen takes care of data management, according to TimesTen. Data and snapshot publishing also is featured in release 5.1, as well as fast synchronization with Oracle systems.

"We focus on very high-performance applications that have to process thousands or tens of thousands of transactions per second," said Jim Groff, CEO of TimesTen. The company's offerings complement databases such as Oracle and SQL Server by accelerating enterprise applications through caching real-time data, Groff said.

The new products are designed to simplify deployment of real-time solutions such as business activity monitoring, customer interaction management, and operations control.

An analyst described TimesTen as a leading player in in-memory databases. "This is where customers are trying to perform real-time integration of data, making it available to all of the various applications as soon as it arrives into a system," said analyst Noel Yuhanna, of Forrester Research.

TimesTen can supplement traditional databases by boosting performance and scalability, Yuhanna said. Traditional databases, however, are sufficient for most applications while TimesTen is for high-end, real-time, mission-critical applications, said Yuhanna. "TimesTen's technology "can be a costly proposition, and one needs to be careful to understand exactly how the technology will be deployed in their environment," he added.

TimesTen products have predominantly been used at telecommunications companies, Wall Street trading systems, and call centers.

General availability of the three products is planned for the third quarter of 2004. Pricing varies, with the DataServer product deployed on a single server costing roughly US$50,000.

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