Wi-Fi Alliance to certify 802.11i,e security products

Two key improvements for the security and performance quality of Wi-Fi devices are scheduled to reach wireless network users this year. The Wi-Fi Alliance says it will certify products for the new 802.11i and 802.11e standards by September. The 802.11i standard is the complete version of the preliminary security standard Wi-Fi Protected Access introduced last year, while 802.11e is a new standard designed to improve the quality of wireless networks that transmit voice and video. Security has been one of the biggest obstacles to the growth of wireless networking. Last year, WPA replaced the flawed Wired Equivalent Privacy protocol to shore up wireless security before the full 802.11i standard could be ratified. WPA uses a dynamic encryption key as opposed to the static key WEP used, and it improves the user authentication process. The 802.11i standard adds Advanced Encryption Standard technology, a stronger level of security than used in WPA. Corporations and governments, which need the highest level of security available, might have to replace some of their network equipment to support AES.

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