SCO's lawsuit 'unfounded' says NRF

Within the last few months, The SCO Group Inc. has threatened legal action against several major retailers for using Linux, claiming that they hold the copyright to Unix and that retailers who use Linux violate SCO's copyright. In response, the National Retail Federation, the world's largest retail trade association, has issued a statement refuting SCO's copyright claims.

"Based on the information we have seen, the National Retail Federation believes the claims by The SCO Group are without merit. Novell Corporation is the last company that can demonstrate legal ownership of Unix System V," says NRF CIO Dave Hogan regarding the lawsuits.

Hogan's official statement continues: "Novell Corporation filed a court challenge to The SCO Group's claim of Intellectual Property rights, demonstrating serious questions regarding whether The SCO Group ever gained legal ownership to Unix System V. Furthermore, The SCO Group has not specified which parts of Unix System V have been copied into Linux."

"In my opinion, it is almost as if The SCO Group's business model is to generate a revenue stream through litigation."

"NRF expects that retailers who use Linux will survive the current litigation. The NRF CIO Council will continue to pay close attention to this issue."

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