Financial search engine gets personal

Financial Web search developer, TimBukOne (Pty) Ltd., has announced the release of My Scannery, an automated and personalized version of the investor-focused search engine, The Scannery, which indexes the Web sites of over 20,000 publicly traded companies in over 65 countries.

The company says that My Scannery goes a step further than conventional search engines by offering the user the ability to create a watch list of keywords and search phrases. This watch list of words and phrases, it says, will automatically be searched for whenever new sites are added to The Scannery database, or existing sites are updated.

Says TimBukOne developer, Jos Pols: "My Scannery searches and alerts the user on an ongoing basis of new results for their watch list. We call it 'passive searching' and, as far as we know, it is unique in the world of search engines."

My Scannery, according to the company, also offers the distinct feature of listing the search results for each keyword and search phrase analyzed by country. It says that the user can click on a country to see the detailed search results for the country selected, and can also update and edit their key words and phrases on an ongoing basis.

Pols adds, "The Scannery and the new addition, My Scannery, are part of a new type of 'specialist' Internet search Web sites and a very powerful and useful tool specifically tailored for investors, analysts, researchers, financial journalists, and corporate librarians, to name a few."

"What differentiates this search site from others is its ability to focus on investor-specific targets broken down by country and industry sector. There is a need for more focused and relevant search results, and over 80 percent of the users of The Scannery and My Scannery are from outside South Africa, specifically North America and Europe," he concludes.

The company notes that the My Scannery Web site is a free service, but users need to register in order to receive e-mail alerts.

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