New unshaped ADSL offered

Telkom SA Ltd. announced last week that it is launching an unshaped version of TelkomInternetI, powered by ADSL with a 4GB monthly cap, which aims to provide customers with increased international bandwidth.

Steven White, Telkom's product development executive, says the offering is aimed at the high end of the market, which requires quicker access to a wide range of multimedia services. "These users include traders, stockbrokers and gamers, which makes up 7 percent of the high end market," he adds.

White says that Telkom, through the new offering, can now better serve this end of the market, because the service allows all protocols to be shared equally over the allowed bandwidth.

Telkom's current shaped ADSL offering suits those users who require normal Internet usage, like reading and sending e-mails, and simply surfing the Web -- giving priority to the HTTP protocol.

White says that the new unshaped ADSL version is "obviously expensive", because of the extra bandwidth that Telkom needs to supply in order to support the 'no-protocol prioritization' service.

According to White, the 4GB cap is set on a monthly basis and the subscriber's usage is set to zero on the first day of each month - without any credit being carried over. White also notes that the 4GB service is similar to the 3GB service, with up- and downloads being measured together, and also includes both national and international traffic. White says that when the 4GB cap is reached subscribers will be disconnected from the ADSL network. He says that subscribers will, however, be able to access the Internet via a normal dial-up connection with a dial-up modem charged at normal Telkom per second rates. He notes that the traffic usage will not be allocated to a subscriber's allocated 4GB bandwidth.

"We are currently looking into another option of supplying extra bandwidth to users in 1GB increments, if they need it. We do, however, still have to sort out billing issues concerning this," White says.

White says that timeouts imposed with the new offering, both idle and absolute, will remain the same as with the 3GB service, at one hour and 24 hours respectively.

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