Projecting an image of business success

The mobile lifestyle has changed the way in which we work and play. If mobile workers in the 21st century had to explain their working lives to their grandparents, the old folks would simply assume that their descendants had all turned into good-for-nothing layabouts.

"The ability to complete a full day's work from home, or even from a coffee shop, is nothing unusual today," says Darryl Squara, business manager, Acer Inc. and general products at Tarsus. "Mobile technologies have enabled us to remain in contact with the office from almost anywhere, while also allowing us to take our offices with us."

The immediate result of these opportunities is a more real-time interaction between supplier and buyer. Salespeople are now able to provide exactly the most correct, up-to-date information at all times. Purchase confirmations and expected delivery dates can also be provided immediately, with far more accuracy than ever before -- even if the deal is signed in a coffee bar.

There is naturally an enormous amount of marketing hype surrounding mobility and the capabilities that technology offers businesses. Unfortunately, most of the hype focuses on the "cool factor", and not the practical technologies that workers can use in the real world.

"One of the most heavily used pieces of equipment in business dealings is a projector," adds Squara. "Almost every customer relationship requires the presentation of information on one or more occasions -- the world loves slide shows."

As one of the leaders in the mobile space, Acer understands that a laptop and connectivity are not enough for mobile workers. It has therefore introduced a range of lightweight projectors designed for on-the-move workers who require ease of use and portability.

"Acer's range of projectors represents the best in portable and ultra-portable Digital Light Processors (DLP) technology," adds Squara. "DLP projectors are not susceptible to heat, humidity or vibration, and are built with robust designs required for everyday use."

Designed to support multiple I/O ports for easy connectivity no matter what users' video needs are, all units aim to support keystone correction, auto sync and remote control for an easy set-up process. According to the company, the resolutions supported in Acer's range of projectors start from native SVGA (800 x 600) or SXGA (1 024 x 768) compressed, which is available at a dealer price of R8,590 (US$1,231) excluding VAT; up to native XGA (1 024 x 768) or SXGA (1 280 x 1 024) compressed at a dealer price of R18,770, excluding VAT.

"Keeping the wheels of the industry turning requires an investment in technology, but not all spend needs to be on the latest gadgets that vendors offer," notes Squara. "Acer has designed a range of projectors that aim to enable users to deliver presentations to small or large groups, without leaving them out of pocket, and without requiring them to have a degree in electronics to get the machines working."

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