Video Vault handles affordable video management needs

Production houses and SMEs can now turn their video assets into useful, profitable resources with Video Vault -- said to be the first affordable, turn-key video asset management solution that provides flexible, intelligent access to a company's video-based resources. Distributed by information asset management solution provider Knowledge Focus, Video Vault aims to enable organizations to capture, manage, repurpose and publish analogue or digital video assets for quick, easy and affordable use and re-use.

"While most production houses and SMEs recognize the benefits of using video and other digital media to capture and store knowledge, few can afford a management solution that enables them to search through that content intelligently," says Knowledge Focus MD, Piet Dempsey. "Repurposing video means spending hours locating it among huge volumes of existing footage, followed by more hours manually shuttling the analogue tape to find specific frames. Consequently, most companies' video assets remain largely under-utilized. Video Vault simplifies the task by providing fast and immediate access to film and video libraries, allowing the repository of footage to be leveraged for myriad projects."

"Video Vault's modular design means compelling, cost-effective and accurate access to video from the desktop anytime, anywhere," he continues. "A broad range of integrated knowledge retrieval tools, including Boolean, concept and pattern searching, combined with visual image matching, gives users a variety of powerful options to retrieve and locate vast amounts of video assets," he concludes.

Time spent previewing video content in expensive offline and online edit bays is dramatically reduced and even eliminated, he adds. New programming can be created in shorter production, cycles and rough-cut previews can be assembled and viewed right on the desktop, he concludes.

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