Web-based solution for Spoornet

Motswedi JMR (Pty) Ltd. has delivered a new Web-based solution to Spoornet to enhance its existing computer systems, so that real-time information is made available to senior management regarding wagon movements.

Spoornet is focused on "sweating its assets", with strong focus on maximizing the investment in rolling stock. Thus, not only must wagon idle time be minimized, but Spoornet must ensure that wagons are placed at and removed from client's sidings on the date and time promised.

At present, real-time data relating to wagon movements, as well as client service commitments, is contained in five separate applications. Motswedi JMR, working with Spoornet, extracted and integrated online data from the five applications, and made this information available to the operational management layer responsible for wagon movements and client service delivery.

Live data from the five systems is extracted using Motswedi JMR's powerful proprietary toolset. The data is then transformed and made available via an Internet browser. A combination of legacy data and modern technology is delivered on an Internet browser, and is made available to the appropriate manager anywhere on the planet.

Furthermore, Motswedi JMR then developed new functionality to meet the dynamic business demands of Spoornet. In this manner, a new application, dubbed "Monitoring predictability" has been created. This new application provides visibility of the progress against the execution process of wagon movements and client service delivery.

"Monitoring predictability" allows management in the operations leg, as well as those responsible for client commitments, the ability to have real-time knowledge of the movement of wagons. The new enhanced functionality provides management with alerts and detailed information when wagons are not timely released by clients or not placed by Spoornet within the promised time. Managers can then take the appropriate action to ensure that idle trucks are moved or that delivery commitments are met.

The new enhanced functionality does not provide only reactive information, but will also monitor the overall delivery against promises made to clients, the plan in place to execute on these promises as well as the progress made against the plans. Monitoring predictability can deliver the information in multiple views, so that managers can get a view of service delivery by geographical location, by individual client or by business sector.

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