Pairing up communications with web development

Marketing and communications company, Integrated Communications-BMC, has joined forces with Technology Concepts to deliver a cost-effective, efficient 'new media' solution to its corporate clients.

Matthew Carter, special projects manager at Integrated Communications-BMC, says that selecting the right ICT partner is vital in the creation of an effective online presence for clients.

"Initially, we tried to host the service offering in-house, but did not have the technical knowledge to implement it efficiently. We then decided to try find a partner to whom we could outsource the Web development concern, so that we could focus on what we do best -- marketing, communication and design.

"However, we could not just outsource to any Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Web development company: we had to partner with someone who understands the principles of marketing. We found that partner in Technology Concepts," he adds.

According to Carter, Integrated Communications-BMC's studio and marketing teams conceive ideas and solutions together for clients. Technology Concepts -- a specialist in the creation of effective online presence and Internet infrastructure -- then provides feedback on these ideas, advising on the important technology issues that should be considered, he adds.

Deidre Dawson, a director at Technology Concepts, says the involvement of both companies is needed to provide a successful marketing solution for clients.

"A great creative idea needs to be carefully thought out in order to ensure that implementation is suited to the medium of the Internet," she explains. "Just as companies look to specialists in the fields of radio, television or print communication to take their corporate image and branding to market, the Internet should be harnessed with the expertise of appropriate technology solution providers.

"Technical capability and an understanding of Web design principles are very important. However, a good knowledge of business is also critical in order to marry the business, technical and design goals of the Web project," she adds.

Technology Concepts has also developed a database-driven content management solution that aims to provide a platform for Integrated Communications-BMC to offer its clients a Web presence. In addition, Technology Concepts says that it provides hosting to clients that require this.

"This has been an eight-month 'work in progress' relationship with Technology Concepts," says Carter, "and we are extremely happy with the results and feedback that we have received thus far. We do not always have the technical knowledge to ask clients the right questions, but, with Technology Concepts' involvement, we are kept up to date with current ICT trends and are now able to provide dynamic Web-based solutions to clients."

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