Obsidian Systems demonstrates Linux to Futurex

Obsidian Systems (Pty) Ltd., a Linux solutions company, has announced that it will be exhibiting at Futurex this year, and plans to demonstrate how ready Linux is for both the enterprise and the desktop.

Says Nols De Wet, marketing director at Obsidian Systems: "We intend to use the Futurex platform to drive home the message that certified Linux solutions are ready for the enterprise. There is so much going on in the Linux movement at the moment, the timing is perfect."

Obsidian will be demonstrating to potential users and visitors the ease of use of the Linux platform, as well as educational concepts about the platform. De Wet adds that, because of the growing popularity of the platform, proprietary software competitors are pushing some unclear rumors and myths about Linux and Open Source. He states that the Futurex platform will give Obsidian the opportunity to dispel these untruths and demonstrate the benefits of the Linux platform.

States De Wet: "We also intend to demonstrate to visitors the benefits of certified training, such as the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and the Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT), and we will also be there in our capacity as a support center for both Enterprise RedHat Linux and Enterprise SuSE Linux distributions."

As part of its demonstration at the show, Obsidian will be allowing visitors to play around with applications such as Web browsing, office applications and desktop navigational tools, allowing visitors to see how far Linux has come over the last five years since Obsidian first exhibited at Computer Faire.

"The SA (South Africa) market is really warming up to Linux, and it is important for us to use whatever platform we can to take that message even further. Linux is no more complex than other systems, after all few people know how a car works, but we can all drive one.

"We have always been a big supporter of Computer Faire, and, with the added benefits and audiences that Futurex promises to bring, we intend to do things a little differently in order to unlock the real value of the event," states De Wet.

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