AcerAdvantage: Empowering our partners

Warranty extensions, personalized services and call center support are all part of an integrated "Customer Service" strategy that Acer Inc. intends to implement in the SA (South Africa) market through its latest initiative: AcerAdvantage.

AcerAdvantage is a warranty extension program that can be purchased for all Acer products, including the notebook and tablet PC range, Aspire, Veriton, and PCPower series PCs, the projector and server range, the company says.

"AcerAdvantage is an additional revenue generation mechanism for our channel partners. Local channel partners can now offer their customers a warranty extension for up to three years, which offers many attractive benefits, ensuring they get the most out of their Acer product," says Gary De Menezes, commercial director, at Acer.

Actual benefits are said to include:

-- Priority service at Acer repair centers, repair and return basis for all notebooks, projectors and LCD panels;

-- Diversified response times ranging from same day to two days turnaround time;

-- Services available from 8:00 to 5:00 daily;

-- Quick repair times through the AcerAdvantage customer privileged program;

-- On-site repairs countrywide on our desktop and server ranges.

In addition, AcerAdvantage aims to offer guaranteed repair times of five working days and free support via telephone, fax or e-mail for the extended warranty period. Projector customers receive a 30 percent discount on the purchase of a projector lamp, while notebook customers receive a 30 percent discount on a second battery, payable via electronic transfer or credit card, at the time of warranty registration.

Customers who purchase the AcerAdvantage program with an Acer product can activate their contract by connecting to Web site.

On receipt of the registration, Acer sends the customer a copy of the warranty "Extension certificate" with all the product identification information by e-mail. "The AcerAdvantage program assures Acer customers of dedicated and timely service in SA for three years, ensuring better utilization of the products they purchased. Customers are also notified of special offers and promotions offered by authorized dealers," De Menezes concludes.

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