SiteScape updates collaboration offering

SiteScape Inc. on Monday rolled out an updated version of its Web-based collaboration product dubbed Enterprise Forum 7.1.

The new version features several administrative enhancements that make it easier to scale Forum for larger enterprises, according to Joy Reo, director of product marketing at SiteScape.

To that end, the DMZ server locations feature allows servers to be located in a secure, demilitarized zone, which lets organizations have larger server configurations behind multiple firewalls, Reo said.

Also important for large enterprises is the expanded role definition editor feature, which allows administrators to centrally modify the access rights of individual users for multiple Forums.

"In large enterprises with thousands of users, the administrator doesn't want to assign individual rights for each (Forum) user. They want to do it once at the top and have it cascade down to all Forums that individual belongs to," Reo said.

Enterprise Forum is platform independent, and is designed to add collaboration capabilities to a variety of business environments, including document management, knowledge management, and e-learning.

On the end-user front, Version 7.1 adds a Forum overview feature designed to provide a visual snapshot of workflow processes, according to Peter Hurley, vice president of engineering at SiteScape. The feature can render data in a visual format, illustrating incoming data, trends, and drill downs into raw data, he said.

Furthermore, a new folder map view lets users see linear or graphical views of a folder structure from a bird's eye view, according to Reo.

Another enhancement, the multi-file download function, lets users simultaneously download multiple attachments as a single compressed zip file from a Forum entry to their hard drive.

Other features in Enterprise Forum 7.1 include an HTML file viewer, an HTML e-mail notification function that lets users work offline, and expanded time zone and language preferences.

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