Verity app boosts search relevance and integration

Verity Ultraseek 5.2, the newest version of Verity Inc.'s downloadable enterprise search software, incorporates five features that aim to improve on the product's search relevance capability and end-user experience, and also to make it even easier to integrate into a wide range of application environments.

"The latest release of Ultraseek extends its position as the enterprise search engine that provides ultra-relevant search, ultra-easy implementation and ultra-affordable cost of ownership," says Garth Wittles, district manager for Verity in South Africa. "The new features and enhancements provide meaningful and measurable benefits immediately to administrators and end-users. Ultraseek is a downloadable search engine for organizations of all sizes that need a pure search application to let employees, partners and customers locate intellectual capital enterprise-wide." The enhancements are said to be:

-- New Web services interface;

-- Portlet integration with applications;

-- JavaScript spidering capabilities;

-- Expanded document highlighting;

-- Easy migration path to Ultraseek from Verity Information Server.

Simplified integration with Web services

Integration of search into mixed application environments is said to be simplified with a new Web services interface which aims to support both .Net and J2EE platforms. "The interface ensures that Verity Ultraseek can easily integrate with virtually any enterprise application to bring the full capabilities of the enterprise search engine to an organization's complete business software array," Wittles says. Existing portal, content management and other applications based on BEA Systems Inc., Vignette Software Corp., TIBCO Software Inc. or IBM WebSphere can now have search capabilities added easily with new pre-built Verity portlets, he adds. These new portlets can enhance the return on technology and intellectual capital investments by improving the usability and performance of intranets or corporate portals with Ultraseek search functions, Wittles continues. For those organizations using the Verity Information Server software, Ultraseek's new Upgrade Wizard aims to provide an easy migration path and the insertion of the search engine into intellectual capital management systems. During the Ultraseek implementation process, the solution is designed to automatically detect the Information Server configuration settings, and to mirror them in the Ultraseek setup.

In addition, Ultraseek aims to offer expanded platform support for Windows 2003 and Red Hat Linux AS 2.1.

Strengthened indexing

JavaScript spidering capabilities have been added to Ultraseek's intelligent, adaptive spider indexes, which are designed to be able to turn the myriad document types and file formats spread across the typical organization into a single body of intellectual capital that is searchable with a single query. With this new capability, Ultraseek can find and index dynamically generated Web pages, the company says. Structured and unstructured information sources can also be brought together in the index through Ultraseek's optional lightweight database connectivity, the company adds.

Expanded document highlighting

According to Wittles, Verity Ultraseek's ability automatically to highlight query terms within documents -- allowing users to scan retrieved documents to determine whether they contain the desired information -- has been expanded to include formats such as Microsoft Word and Excel through inclusion of Verity KeyView Export.

"This file conversion technology dynamically converts the most popular file formats into Web-ready HTML or XML format," notes Wittles. "Further, by applying an XML vocabulary to the data structures in documents, KeyView Export makes it possible to index and search content and metadata in context."

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