Chantry Networks

FRAMINGHAM (03/26/2004) - Chantry Networks Inc. is the creator of BeaconWorks, an innovative, IP-based wireless LAN (WLAN) solution. Offering unprecedented scalability and availability, coupled with unique network virtualization features, BeaconWorks overcomes the obstacles inherent in traditional WLAN systems to provide enterprises and service providers with the first economical and practical solution for building seamless and pervasive wireless networks. Founded in April of 2002, Chantry Networks is headquartered in Boston with offices in Chicago, Denver, New York, Virginia, San Francisco and Toronto. Chantry is backed by top-tier investors including Flagship Ventures, Primaxis Technology Ventures, Venture Coaches and Ventures West.

What need does Chantry address?

Chantry's BeaconWorks family of WLAN products allows organizations to deploy truly scalable wireless networks that are both pervasive and seamless, while removing the manageability, reliability, and security obstacles that have, until now, made it impossible to do so. By designing BeaconWorks around a routed IP architecture instead of the switched architecture that sits at the heart of other WLAN systems, Chantry has built a solution that scales from 10s to literally thousands of access points and hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users, while also providing self-healing and resilient connection technologies to ensure maximum availability.

What makes Chantry's solution unique?

BeaconWorks' key distinguishing feature is its architecture. . .which leverages the fault-tolerant IP networks that our customers already have in place. Rather than seeking to replace these networks, we utilize existing networks as a transport medium between the BeaconPoint access points and the BeaconWorks controller. The benefits of utilizing an IP-routed architecture are true scalability, high availability and total virtualization.

Note: The following profile was prepared by Chantry Networks for our Wireless Switching Virtual Showdown.

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