Sahara provides Creative MP3 music power

JOHANNESBURG (03/22/2004) - To complement its range of digital lifestyle products, South Africa-based Sahara Computers Pty. Ltd. now stocks the Nomad MuVo2 1,5GB compact digital music player by Creative Labs Inc., a vendor in the digital entertainment market.

The MP3 player is said to feature high-speed USB2.0 Data Storage with the capability to store up to 850 songs. At 4GB the storage capacity of the device aims to enable the user to download and secure up to 2 100 songs.

"This product supports both MP3 and WMA formats, and houses Creative MediaSource music management software, which allows the user to convert CDs to MP3s, organize entire digital music collections, and combine high capacity, high-speed loading and sound quality in a compact, easy to use package. The focus is on sound quality with 98dB SNR, ease of use through large storage capacity, USB2.0 for quick file transfer, as well as portability, as the product is slim enough to fit into the pocket," explains Atul Gupta, MD of Sahara Computers.

The product is aimed at a wide target market because of its practical (compact and lightweight) but aesthetic design, as well as its straightforward functionality, he continues. "We are bringing the best of both worlds to portable audio with the Nomad MuVo2," says Joseph Liow, vice-president of Creative Labs Asia.

"The flash player market is hot, people like to carry a small player wherever they go. But, with this product, you can have a super compact player, yet take up to 2 100 songs with you. You do not waste time deciding what music to take with you when you go out, this little player packs hundreds of hours of music."

"The Nomad MuVo2 is a Creative speciality -- its playback and recording quality is outstanding, and it has enough memory to make it a must-have for any digital lifestyle setup," says Gupta.

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