Integr8 IT launches data recovery solution

JOHANNESBURG (03/22/2004) - South African network integration and infrastructure management company, Integr8 IT Pty. Ltd., has launched a new high-level data recovery solution, called D8TA VAULT, as part of its managed services offering. The solution caters for the off-site data storage and risk assurance requirements of businesses operating in both the high-end and small-to-medium bracket, the company says.

According to Integr8 IT joint MDs, Lance Fanaroff and Robert Sussman, the solution is targeted at a broad spectrum, due to the increasing demands that most businesses have in terms of security and data protection.

"D8TA VAULT is a high-level data recovery solution. Clients can synchronize and securely back up critical data to a secure online off-site facility, thereby guaranteeing that their data is completely safe when they shut down for the night. D8TA VAULT is housed within the MTN Network Solutions Switching Centre, offering added protection, redundancy and security," explains Sussman.

The solution enables clients to access data from anywhere in the world, Integr8 IT claims. It is secured by 448-bit Blowfish encryption, with binary increments. Data is heavily compressed resulting in a scalable, redundant, cost-effective service.

"The solution is more than taking out an insurance policy on company data. Aside from the main advantage of peace-of-mind, the client does not have to invest in bandwidth-intensive synchronization, there is no deployment cost or up-front cost, and the client also has the option to âEuro ˜manage' the service, in other words initiate or terminate the service at any time," adds Fanaroff.

D8TA VAULT is already in use within various medical and banking institutions, and both Fanaroff and Sussman agree that this latest service adds a new dimension to the company's current managed offering.

"A company's critical data has to be protected. Almost half of corporate data is generated and stored outside of the enterprise on a variety of devices including desktops, laptops, PDAs, and even mobile phones. Add to this the corporate users who do not diligently complete backups while connected to the network and the risk gets even higher," says Sussman. "A true, off-site back-up and data recovery solution that clients can access and have control over can add value."

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