New digital music camera from BenQ

JOHANNESBURG (03/09/2004) - Drive Control Corp. (DCC) has expanded its BenQ Corp. offering to include the new DC S30 digital camera 0150; a digital music camera that aims to combine high-resolution features and an FM/MP3 radio in one device.

Says Chris Anderson, BenQ's product specialist at DCC: "It is a good quality camera, with a sporty design in orange, red and silver, which makes the DC S30 young-looking. Combined with the radio, this new camera is ideal for teenagers."

The radio comes with an original Mental Resonance Sound Effect (MRSE) system that includes British Wolfson 8196 DAC and Philips high sensitivity for outstanding audio quality, the company says.

The DC S30 has continuous movie recording of up to 70 minutes, which includes sound, the company adds. It also includes Voice over Photo (VoP) that allows the user to record 20-second long voice memos on pictures, BenQ says.

This digital music camera features a Dual Recharge System (DRS) that incorporates a lithium-ion battery. The lithium-ion battery is said to have no memory effect, a low self-discharge rate and a superior cycle life. The intention of the DRS is that users will no longer have to be dependent on recharging power indoor whilst using an adapter. With the DRS, the unit can be recharged by connecting a USB cable to your notebook to reload the battery, the company says.

According to Anderson, BenQ's DC S30 offers 3X optical true zoom focal length that extends and retracts to magnify the image and a 4X digital zoom to enlarge the central portion of the image, reducing resolution to give an appearance of zooming in.

"The DC S30 comes with a 1,5-inch rotating Low Temperature Poly Silicon (LTPS), the manufacturing process for making a Thin Film Transistor (TFT) color LCD screen that conserves power, enhances color depth and saturation, and comes with a 14MB flash memory that is expandable with an SD flash memory card. BenQ combined Q Link software and Histogram Image Transformation (HIT) to offer the latest in digital camera technology," he adds.

Q Link's component-based form is designed to enable the camera user to visually assemble a robust user interface and Web forms for the user's applications without the complexity of coding JavaServer Pages (JSP), a technology that aims to offer a simple way to create dynamic Web pages that are both platform-independent and server-independent, scripting, HTML and the like. This makes photo handling and sharing truly easy.

"BenQ's HIT technology improves the range of color shades for a more realistic display of distinctive colors by showing the distribution of colors in an image and how many times a particular pixel intensity occurred in the image," says Anderson.

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