Amvia enters e-mail compliance market

JOHANNESBURG (12/01/2003) - Local Business Process Automation (BPA) and E-Document Delivery distributor, AmVia, has confirmed that it has taken on Legato's EmailXtender and DiskXtender product family to complement its current range of enterprise software offerings.

The main impetus behind the distribution agreement is said offer government and enterprises compliance solutions through AmVia's network of accredited resellers. AmVia's MD, Boudje Giljam, says, "Regulations regarding data access, archiving, retrieval, and protection are adding to business and ICT challenges in many organizations. Legato's compliance solutions offer a proactive and comprehensive approach to meeting government and industry regulations related to information management."

Under the distribution agreement, AmVia's resellers will enable customers to archive, catalogue, index, store, and retrieve e-mail, an essential component of compliance with the ECT Act, which elevates the status of e-mails to the same level as paper documents, and affects all companies, no matter the size, the company says.

EmailXtender is a comprehensive, policy-based solution that aims to automatically collect, organize, retain and retrieve e-mail messages or attachments, ultimately providing easy management and administration of e-mail and making the information readily available. The solution works simultaneously with most message servers, and provides both enterprise data storage and content management for electronic messaging, Amvia says.

The DiskXtender family is said to offer extended storage capacity and intelligently automate the movement of inactive data to the most cost-effective media and devices such as secondary storage. Also a policy-based solution, the storage devices and media are managed and administered centrally, and provide applications with a single view of all stored data and transparent access to storage devices, the company adds.

Giljam concludes: "New governing regulations mean that organizations must establish procedures to monitor incoming and outgoing electronic communications relevant to their businesses. These procedures must include providing reasonable supervision of these communications and keeping auditable records of these supervisory reviews. While this monitoring is required by law, other organizations are also finding it necessary to monitor employee communications, to ensure compliance with corporate e-mail policies in order to limit legal liability."

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