Pinpoint problems, then manage into submission

FRAMINGHAM (02/26/2004) - Similar to dealing with certain behavioral problems, the first step toward avoiding bottlenecks is admitting the existence of bottlenecks. Octagon Research Solutions Inc. says that's where its ViewPoint software begins to intervene. The new process management tool is designed to help monitor and control every aspect of electronic regulatory submissions, including common technical documents (CTDs) and eCTDs. "The system's modeling logic helps identify potential bottlenecks or other problems earlier in the process, avoiding or reducing the chance of last-minute delays," said Kirk Gallion, Octagon CTO, in a press release.

ViewPoint also allows project managers to develop automated workflow, collect and analyze real-time process metrics, model scenarios, and assign tasks. Templates provide predefined workflows and submission structures. According to Octagon, the program incorporates a set of metrics based on best practices "unique to the submission development process."

Octagon says one of the advantages it brings to the regulatory market is its management team's "domain knowledge and practical submission experience."

Vendor: Octagon Research Solutions

Product Name: ViewPoint

Availability: Now

For more information: +1-(610) 265-8300 or

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