US businessman to drive executive sales forums

JOHANNESBURG (02/23/2004) - Howard P. Stevens, the chairman and CEO of U.S.-based sales performance consultancy the HR Chally Group Inc., is to co-host a series of forums with Growth Partners and the Marketing Federation of South Africa.

The forums, to be held in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town from March 9 to 11, will focus on international best practice in sales. Stevens is to base his address on the findings of a 10-year research report carried out by Chally, based in Dayton, Ohio.

Under the banner "Is your sales world-class?" the forums will address:

-- The eight global best practices associated with world-class organizations;

-- How new channels are changing the role of the salesperson;

-- What customers want from their suppliers' sales organizations;

-- How sales organizations are responding and what they must do to become world-class;

-- Selling in good times or bad, and how to take market share and share of wallet in a down economy;

-- How to transform the sales organization from vendor to business resource;

-- Why conventional sales training is not working;

-- How successful companies are tackling the change process;

-- The challenges of moving from a product- to a customer-centered organization.

The first forum will take place at Montecasino in Johannesburg on March 9; the second will be at the Suncoast Casino in Durban on March 10; and the final one on March 11 at the Holiday Inn in Cape Town.

While in Johannesburg, Stevens will also work with Growth Partners and its existing and potential clients. "Howard Stevens will assist with training, and share with us his expertise in cutting-edge assessment technology," says Growth Partners director, Peter Gilbert.

Stevens, a registered psychologist, is known for his research and programs in management systems and motivation, and as the creator of the product market life cycle for sales.

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