EDS South Africa Solution Centre gains momentum

JOHANNESBURG (02/20/2004) - Electronic Data Systems Corp. South Africa reports that its local EDS Best Shore Solution Centre has gained significant momentum in its bid to gain work from EDS's global accounts, under the company's Best Shore global delivery strategy.

Best Shore aims to enable EDS to source ICT services work globally to serve clients' needs in low-cost, high-quality service delivery locations. SA has served as an EDS Best Shore locale since November 2002.

"Being designated as a Best Shore delivery facility is a vote of confidence in the skills that local software engineers and project managers can offer," says Ian McLuckie, Solution Centre manager, EDS SA. "While the numbers are currently small in the greater context of EDS's worldwide Best Shore effort, obtaining these initial contracts required an enormous amount of background work, aside from employee talent and software engineering expertise."

McLuckie explains that while it is easy for local companies to talk glibly about the global opportunities for the SA ICT sector, the international market is highly competitive. "This business is not about quick wins based solely on the lowest delivery price," McLuckie argues.

"EDS has been in the ICT services business for over 40 years, and we know that it is all about getting your processes correct, and driving standards across the entire organization. Quality, security and service excellence all represent risks for companies experimenting with the global sourcing of ICT services - or indeed any services. That is why EDS developed its Best Shore delivery model as a global set of processes and business practices, to ensure that wherever in the world the work gets done, it is according to a global standard methodology. We have spent the past 12 months putting all that in place here in SA, and we are now starting to see the benefits."

EDS SA's Solution Centre recently announced its Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 2 accreditation, the first ICT services entity in Africa to achieve this designation. CMMI supercedes Capability Maturity Model (CMM) as the internationally-recognized standard of application development created by Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute.

CMMI removes the barriers between software engineering, system engineering and supplier management, and enables the entire product development lifecycle to benefit from the improvements given by CMM. Like CMM, CMMI will allow organizations to move through five levels of accreditation, with Level 5 being the highest.

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