BMC adds PeopleSoft management

BMC Software has released a new version of Patrol for PeopleSoft 2.0 that allows companies to centrally manage PeopleSoft users, transactions, jobs, SQL requests, and business processes.

The goal of the new product is to improve resource utilization and service levels, said Karen Sinclair, director of product management at BMC. "This release helps deliver business service management to our customers by more closely aligning IT management with the business of the company.

This version of Patrol is very proactive, allowing IT managers to better manage the PeopleSoft application. "Patrol for PeopleSoft notifies administrators of problems before they affect the users, helping companies meet their service-level agreements and keeping their business services stable and performing optimally," said Mary Smars, vice president and general manager for distributed systems management at BMC. "Because business processes rely on the availability of underlying system components, Patrol for PeopleSoft monitors the health of PeopleSoft-critical components, offering early problem detection and notification, along with problem analysis tools for faster problem resolution," she said.

The new version of Patrol for PeopleSoft is also easier for non-technical employees to understand, Sinclair said. That is important because many times the IT group will install a PeopleSoft application and then send it to administrative staff that has little experience on the technical level, Sinclair said.

Although this version of Patrol is designed for PeopleSoft, the technology used to build this version can be easily used in other applications, said Sinclair. "I think it's safe to say there will be other versions down the line," she said.

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