Comztek rapid NAS storage has CipherWave range

Systems distributor Comztek SA says it is providing its reseller base with access to highly reliable, affordable and easy-to-deploy network attached storage (NAS) solutions.

The company announced that it is to distribute the full range of CipherWave fault-tolerant storage products to its resellers.

According to Heinz Stephan, director: products and technology at Comztek, the company has identified a requirement for networked storage that is easily installed, yet provides advanced features, such as fault tolerance and redundancy.

"Our customers are experiencing considerable demand for external storage as businesses have to store exponentially more data in an environment of increased regulation. As the physical space within servers is limited, CipherWave provides an ideal solution through its CipherNAS range, whereby companies can add up to four terabytes of data storage to their network in as little as 15 minutes," he says.

Stephan says the CipherNAS range offers better scalability than other products, as well as higher levels of reliability with level 5 Raid as standard. Raid 1,3; 1+0 and JBOD are also supported on the hardware-based Raid controller.

"Available in capacities from 480GB to 4TB, the range addresses the Windows Server 2003 and Linux environments. Furthermore, hot-swappable drives mean zero downtime even in the event of a component failure," he adds.

The company says that storage management is a prime concern for business, but that CipherWave hardware is supplied with the CipherWave Admin Suite, which aims to allow for easy control of the hardware.

James Grcic, MD of CSSI, says the company selected Comztek as the distributor of choice for its product range owing to Comztek's market penetration and experience in distributing network products.

"We believe there is significant opportunity in the local market for a cost-effective, manageable storage platform. With the proven capabilities of Comztek, CipherNAS is poised to address this need," he says.

"Through offerings such as the CipherNAS product set, we are making it easy for our resellers to address their customers' data storage needs with cost-effective solutions that fit rapidly into existing infrastructure," Stephan concludes.

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