WCS launches Black Ice E-Max PC

JOHANNESBURG (12/08/2003) - Local PC components distributor, World Computer Systems (WCS), has released the Black Ice E-Max system -- part of its Oasis PC product range.

The Black Ice E-Max machine is a fully pre-assembled, calibrated PC, that supports Intel Corp.'s Hyper Threading technology, the company says.

Nikki Cardoso, product manager at WCS, says the Intel Hyper Threading Partner Program holds major benefits for end-users. "Hyper Threading utilizes processor-level threading to achieve more efficient use of processor resources for greater parallelism and improved performance," he claims.

Cardoso adds that the Black Ice E-Max is a competitive offering aimed at customers in the SME, gaming and high-end markets. "The E-Max machine offers up to 25 percent performance increase over its non Hyper-Threading counterparts," he says.

Mohammad Denath, co-founder and marketing director of WCS, adds that Hyper-Threading technology increases the number of transactions that can be processed in a machine, thereby improving business productivity and providing faster response times for Internet and e-business.

"As WCS moves to increase awareness of its Oasis brand in the local channel, it is vital that the company targets specialized segments with specialized needs. Hyper-Threading technology provides immediate value in today's computing environment, by enabling the processor to simultaneously execute two software program threads. This lets the user run two software applications in parallel without sacrificing performance," he adds.

Built on Intel's Pentium 4 processor, 2,6GHz, the Oasis Black Ice E-Max PC is said to deliver reliable performance for gamers and power users who demand processing strength to handle today's most advanced applications. It is the only Oasis PC to carry a two-year warranty.

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