ADSL's big brother

LONDON (12/05/2003) - BT Group PLC is set to extend the rollout of its wholesale SDSL (symmetric digital subscriber line) products to a further 50 exchanges, providing heavy users with an alternative to unreliable upload speeds.

ADSL -- the basis for current broadband technology -- provides no guaranteed upload speed, only download speeds. This means that during peak times upload speeds can become extremely sluggish. SDSL guarantees the same rate of data transfer upstream and downstream, making it a good option for people who require fast file transfers or web hosting capabilities.

"SDSL has proved extremely popular with SMEs (small to medium enterprises) who can gain real competitive advantage from using this broadband capability, in addition to a range of ADSL services that have been in the market for several years," said Bruce Stanford, director of BT Wholesale products.

BT launched its SDSL service back in September, connecting around 100 U.K. exchanges in London, Manchester, Merseyside, Yorkshire, West Midlands and Scotland. Today's announcement will see a further 50 exchanges across London and the West Midlands, where demand is high, upgraded by the end of January.

A basic 250 SDSL package will start at around £1,500 (US$2,583) per year rising to £3,000 for high-end services.

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