No more customers for Virgin

LONDON (12/03/2003) - ISP is enforcing a 5GB per week maximum download limit on its broadband customers and has temporarily stopped taking on new subscribers, following what it calls "deterioration in service".

On Monday afternoon Virgin sent out a letter to its broadband customers apologizing for the problems, informing them that it is adopting a new cache (storage) technology and taking steps to improve network throughput, which it hopes, will make the service more efficient.

It will stop taking on new customers until mid-December and will restrict heavy-users to 1GB download per day or 5GB per week.

"A small minority of customers are constantly uploading/downloading large files and thus clogging up the network. We have contacted these customers requesting everyone to reduce their levels of uploading/downloading activity so that everyone can enjoy the service," said the company's statement.

Back in November, Virgin updated some of its routers which unfortunately proved only a short-term fix.

In order to handle a barrage of calls from disgruntled customers, Virgin has employed an additional 64 call center agents with a further 24 joining over the next two weeks.

Technically-minded customers can change their Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) settings, which should improve downloading speeds by following the instructions on the company's website. Non-technical customers will be sent simpler instructions as soon as they're available.

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