Compuware SA seeks new business partners

JOHANNESBURG (12/01/2003) - Compuware Corp.'s local office is driving the development of its business by actively identifying and recruiting new partners.

According to business partner manager, Fred Brady, the organization's business development strategy is focused on identifying and assisting its partners to capitalize on mutual business opportunities.

"Compuware has a highly structured program that affords partners the flexibility to customize the nature of the relationship with us to best suit their individual needs," he says.

Brady notes that the organization is highly selective in the appointment of partners as its advanced technology solutions, which span the entire application development lifecycle, require the appropriate level of knowledge and understanding to take them to market.

He adds that Compuware products and services provide partners with the technical capability to extend service offerings, and the scope of application development projects.

"Partnering with Compuware enables technology companies to raise new services revenue and increase margins, cut time to market and reduce the risks of complex ICT initiatives," he explains.

Compuware offers a business partner framework within which various types of partnering are catered for, however, Brady says that Compuware almost always customizes each individual partnership. In these cases channel management professionals aim to work with identified organizations to define a mutually rewarding partnership, tailored around specific business goals.

In identifying and recruiting business development partners, Brady explains that Compuware looks for organizations that have the competency to add business value and benefits to local businesses. "Because we have always had a strong focus on black economic empowerment and social responsibility, these are key criteria for our partners," he adds.

Compuware SA has a number of channel and business partners; some of which are Compuware Global Partners, however, due to the unique situation in this country, the local operation also has a number of empowerment partners.

"The value that our business development program adds is considerable as, through our partners, we are able to reach a much larger portion of the market, while leveraging the strengths of the partners to add the maximum value to client deliverables," says Brady. "With this understanding, we are increasing our efforts to identify and recruit additional partners that can take our application lifecycle solutions to a wider spectrum of the local market."

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