NetSupport School v7.00 aids with meeting gov't act

JOHANNESBURG (11/21/2003) - A powerful remote training tool could assist organizations to meet the requirements of the South African Skills Development Act and Government empowerment initiatives.

Called NetSupport School v7.00 (NSS) and distributed locally by Blue Label Technology, the remote training software aims to provide a cost-effective solution and logistical answer to the need to further employees' education and speed-up the training process.

"Local businesses face tremendous pressure to address the skills shortage in the country, as well as meeting Government expectations in terms of empowerment and capacity-building," says Tito Pereira, MD of Blue Label Technology.

"However, while skills training has long-term benefits, it comes with upfront costs in employee downtime, travelling costs, the hiring of suitable facilities, and the leg-work required by tutors to effectively train and evaluate performance. NSS can help in this regard," he adds.

NSS's remote control functionality aims to allow tutors to train remotely. This means that employees to be trained do not need to travel or take valuable time out to attend training, but can effectively remain at their desks in front of their own PCs, the company says. Tutors can watch, share or control the screen, keyboard and mouse of any employee workstation, and trainees can also receive immediate feedback provided by the tutor, it continues.

In this way, time, facility and infrastructure costs normally associated with corporate training are radically reduced, the company claims, as employees need not leave their desks, and tutors are able to coach and monitor a sizeable number of trainees.

NSS' other benefits include an innovative survey feature that is said to enable tutors to compile a quick question and answer test to all connected machines to ensure that participants have understood the lesson. Private text messaging between the tutor and employees is also said to be available for individualized help and support.

NSS can be used to set up a computer-based training room without the need to install video splitters or other expensive hardware, the company says. The show function is said to enable the tutor to demonstrate software packages or any computer-based training aid, and then sit back and watch while employees work through exercises on their own workstations.

The multiple scan function is designed to display up to 16 PCs simultaneously so that the tutor can cycle through the employee workstations. He or she also has access to a range of highlighting tools to annotate individual's work - enhancing presentation and understanding, the company adds.

On-line tests and examinations are said to be able to be designed with minimum effort and can include text, picture, audio and video questions. The results are automatically collated, marked and made available to the tutor.

"NSS offers companies an effective, easy to use and cost saving tool to build their intellectual capital and skills base," Pereira says.

Used internationally by leading companies such as Deloitte & Touche LLP, Fujitsu Ltd., SAP AG, IBM Corp. and Oracle Corp., NetSupport School (NSS) complements NetSupport Manager (NSM), which aims to provide users with unrivalled remote control and innovative desktop management functionality.

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