BioPoint begins anew, launches product

FRAMINGHAM (12/19/2003) - BioPoint Solutions Inc. formally launched itself as a technology solutions provider and consulting company, and introduced its first product: DiscoverTrac, a pre-clinical data management and workflow enforcement system.

The idea behind DiscoverTrac is to give biotech and pharmaceutical companies a way to manage all pre-clinical data. With DiscoverTrac, all pre-clinical data is collected in a secure, central Oracle data warehouse. (The company notes that DiscoverTrac includes support for toxicity animal testing data management.)

The DiscoverTrac software is designed to speed data and workflow management. And a key feature of the product is its 21 CFR Part 11 compliance-related data tracking and reporting capabilities.

By targeting the entire range of data collected in pre-clinical work, BioPoint is trying to address a problem commonly found in many life science companies. Specifically, in pre-clinical work many organizations simply do not collect all of their experimental data in one place. Frequently, individual scientists or departments set up informal procedures for determining what data gets saved and how that data is saved.

"Scientists are used to using spreadsheets," says Elery LeBlanc, BioPoint CEO. Often, however, the result of departmental or individual data storage practices is that many silos of information are created within an organization.

LeBlanc and others believe this situation cannot continue and that a shift is occurring in the marketplace. "Business people -- the CEOs and CIOs -- are very much more involved in IT infrastructure due to (the need for) regulatory control to comply with (21 CFR) Part 11," says LeBlanc.

DiscoverTrac addresses the integrated data acquisition, change control, audit trails, lab workflow, and report generation needs most life science companies face today.

The launch of the company and DiscoverTrac signifies a change from what was originally a consulting company to a firm that provides a product with the expected support. "With the move to outsourcing, there's more reliance on service," says LeBlanc. "You don't just install a product and leave; there's more of a partnership."

To meet such changing needs of the industry, LeBlanc and his team decided to commercialize DiscoverTrac. The company's software has been in circulation in several life science companies for more than two years.

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