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  • Sony cancels 'The Interview' release after threats following cyberattack

    Sony Pictures on Wednesday canceled the Dec. 25 release of its controversial comedy, "The Interview," after theater chains decided not to play the film following terrorist threats after a cyber attack.

  • Forensic software gets around iCloud security features

    A Russian software company has updated its forensic software to work-around the security features Apple recently added to iCloud and increased what information can be extracted from the cloud storage service.

  • Human error root cause of November Microsoft Azure outage

    Human error was the culprit for a November outage of the Microsoft Azure cloud storage service. The company is hoping that recent updates that automate formerly manual processes will help prevent similar outages in the future.

  • Alcatel-Lucent tasked with trans-Tasman cable build

    "This project confirms the continued growth of connectivity needs in Australasia and in the Asia region overall."

  • Uber envisions a safer ride in 2015

    Uber, in 2015, is resolving to make its car hailing service safer, partly by enhancing its driver screening through the use of biometrics and voice verification.

  • Raglan named landing spot as partners unveil 2015 trans-Tasman cable plans

    Spark New Zealand, Vodafone and Telstra will invest approximately USD $70 million on the new Tasman Global Access (TGA) Cable...

  • Obama pushes for net neutrality, opposes data localization in trade pact

    President Barack Obama's administration is pushing two potentially controversial Internet policies in a secretive trade pact, with trade negotiators calling for other countries to adopt net neutrality provisions while rejecting policies requiring local storage of data in a secretive 50-country trade pact now being negotiated.

  • Future CIO of the Year: Hartley Holtzhauzen, Auckland Council

    Voted as the Future CIO of the Year and ICT Manager of the Year at the inaugural Computerworld NZ IT Leaders Award 2014, Holtzhauzen is meticulously leading Auckland Council’s major infrastructure services transformation program.

  • NZ strategy remains as new Unisys CEO comes on board

    “There is no immediate impact on our local team and business."

  • IBM detects skin cancer more quickly with visual machine learning

    Skin cancer can be detected more quickly and accurately by using cognitive computing-based visual analytics, researchers at IBM Research have found, in collaboration with New York's Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

  • ICANN data compromised in spearphishing attack

    A so-called spearphishing attack on ICANN has compromised the email credentials of several ICANN staff members and allowed the attacker access to user information, including email and postal addresses.

  • US agency sues Sprint for alleged unauthorized charges

    The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has filed a lawsuit accusing Sprint of illegally billing mobile customers for tens of millions[m] of dollars in unauthorized third-party charges.

  • Top five smartphone disappointments of the year

    The poor design of two different smartphones, a low-resolution front camera with the new iPhone, the Moto G's lack of LTE, and the hefty price tag of the Amazon Fire led to disappointment this year when it came to smartphone releases.

  • Microsoft helps crack developer problems with Bing-based tool

    Sometimes, even the best coders get stuck and need a little advice. Enter Bing Developer Assistant, designed to help Visual Studio developers take advantage of Microsoft's search engine to find tips on how to untangle thorny programming problems.

  • Netflix wins Dutch patent suit, can keep operating as usual

    European Netflix users, breathe easy: The video streaming service can keep operating as it always did now that Dutch patent lawsuit has been thrown out of court.

  • Sony high-res OLED screen attaches to any eyewear

    If you're not a fan of Google Glass-style displays yet, Sony hopes you might give its new detachable OLED a chance.

  • Tokyo court hears lawsuit against Apple over laptop charger pins

    The Tokyo District Court has begun hearing arguments in a lawsuit brought by a Japanese parts maker against Apple over alleged patent infringements.

  • Google's work on full encryption chugs along, with Yahoo's help

    Google is making progress developing a user-friendly tool for fully encrypting people's messages on their computers, with coding help from Yahoo and a transition to GitHub.

  • Google Cloud offers streamlined Ubuntu for Docker use

    Google has adopted for use in its cloud a streamlined version of the Canonical Ubuntu Linux distribution tweaked to run Docker and other containers.

  • First lawsuit filed against Sony after massive hack

    Two former employees of Sony Pictures have filed a lawsuit against the company alleging it didn't do enough to safeguard their personal information and prevent its loss in a massive cyberattack in late November.