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  • New guide aims to remove the drama of reporting software flaws

    Handling a software flaw can be messy, both for a security researcher who found it and for the company it affects. But a new set of guidelines aims to make that interaction less mysterious and confrontational.

  • 'Canvas fingerprinting' tracking is sneaky but easy to halt

    A method for tracking users across the Internet called "canvas fingerprinting" is simple to stop, but average Internet users may not know how to do it.

  • Baidu reports strong mobile ad sales, echoing Facebook

    Chinese search giant, Baidu, reported a 34 per,cent jump in profit for the second quarter, with mobile ad sales accounting for almost a third of revenue for the first time.

  • In pictures: NZ Tech facilitates political panel discussion on ICT issues

    New Zealand Technology Industry Association (NZ Tech) conducted its AGM yesterday in Auckland. The AGM brought together vendors and industry stakeholders to discuss progess of NZ Tech and its initiatives. At the end of the AGM, the association facilitated a political panel discussion. It brought together representatives of some of the political parties in the country to discuss their ICT policy and detail the roadmap if they were chosen to lead the country in the next election.

  • IoT inspires new components for energy, wireless

    The expected boom in demand for small, often isolated devices in the Internet of Things is driving developers to craft new types of components.

  • In Pictures: 14 must-have iPhone, iPad travel apps

    These 14 iOS travel apps will make your iPhone, iPad touch or iPad a more valuable travel companion. They'll help you book your trip, plan your itinerary, navigate unfamiliar streets, convert foreign currencies and much more.

  • Wolfram fortifies SystemModeler with more libraries

    Hydraulic actuators, battery stacks, biochemical systems and disease propagation are but a few things that now can be modeled more easily, thanks to a number of libraries and a library store that Wolfram Research has created for a new edition of its SystemModeler software package.

  • State Department computer crash slows visa, passport applications worldwide

    The U.S. State Department's main computer system for processing passport and visa applications crashed earlier this week leading to global delays for travel documents.

  • Non-IBM Power8 servers, chips to appear early next year

    The first third-party chips and servers licensed to use IBM's Power architecture will be on the market early next year.

  • US Social Security Administration spent nearly $300M on IT project 'boondoggle,' lawmakers say

    The U.S. Social Security Administration has spent nearly US$300 million on a software system for processing disability claims that still isn't finished and has delivered limited useful functionality, according to an independent report on the project.

  • HP invests in Hortonworks' Hadoop

    Hewlett-Packard is betting $50 million that its customers will find value in the Hadoop data processing platform, by investing in Hadoop distributor Hortonworks.

  • Apple losing its grip as top tablet company

    Apple's grip on the tablet is loosening, with the iPad losing ground during the second quarter this year to Android and Windows tablets.

  • Thousands of sites compromised through WordPress plug-in vulnerability

    A critical vulnerability found recently in a popular newsletter plug-in for WordPress is actively being targeted by hackers and was used to compromise an estimated 50,000 sites so far.

  • EU hears Google, Microsoft, Yahoo on 'right to be forgotten'

    Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are meeting with European data protection authorities Thursday to discuss how to implement a recent ruling that gives people the right to have personal information excluded from search results.

  • Europeans call for a single EU copyright to get more access to online services

    Many European consumers are frustrated by frequently being denied access to online services outside of their home countries and are calling on the European Commission to implement a 'common copyright' in Europe. This pits them against publishers and broadcasters, who want enforcement of existing rules instead, a public consultation on EU digital copyright reform showed.

  • Hackers steal user data from the European Central Bank website, ask for money

    Hackers have stolen user contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers, from the website of the European Central Bank and attempted to extort money from the institution.

  • Lenovo shows smart glasses prototype as it seeks hardware partners

    Lenovo showed off a smart glasses prototype on Thursday, part of a push to attract developers and other hardware manufacturers to a new partner program.

  • launches Sales Reach for real-time selling and marketing is combining its Pardot marketing software, sales automation application and social communities platform into a new product called Sales Reach, which it says can help salespeople nurture leads and make deals in real time.

  • EBay faces class action suit over data breach

    EBay faces a class action suit in a U.S. federal court over a security breach earlier this year.

  • Sale of Mt. Gox-related halted after court order

    The sale of the domain, affiliated with Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles, has been halted after a U.S. court order, according to the auction house.