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  • China says new cybersurveillance proposal follows US security practices

    China is scratching its head over why the U.S. is opposing a new anti-terror law relating to cybersurveillance when the U.S. and other countries have also requested that tech companies hand over data to help stop terrorists.

  • Alibaba enters US cloud market, signaling global ambitions

    Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group is making a push into the U.S. cloud computing market, where it's expected to run into competition from, Google and Microsoft.

  • Apple in settlement talks with car battery maker A123 Systems

    Apple is in talks to settle a lawsuit filed by electric-car battery maker A123 Systems, which has charged the iPhone maker with poaching five of its employees to set up a new battery division.

  • Apple, like Google, to hire full-time security guards in Silicon Valley

    Apple will replace a number of contract security positions with direct hires for its Silicon Valley operations, amid widespread demands from contract workers like drivers and security guards for better working conditions at tech companies.

  • IBM plugs OpenPower servers into SoftLayer cloud

    IBM will roll out a cloud computing service next quarter using OpenPower-based servers, continuing an effort to expand the market for Power processors and challenge Intel in hyperscale data centers.

  • Sony updates Morpheus PS4 headset with bigger, faster screen

    Sony is trying to make PlayStation 4 gameplay more immersive by adding a high-resolution OLED display to its prototype video game headset, set for release in the first half of next year.

  • Judge says $415 million settlement in Silicon Valley hiring case is 'substantial'

    A judge has approved a US$415 million settlement in a Silicon Valley employee hiring case, calling the amount "substantial" to settle claims that Apple, Google, Adobe Systems and Intel conspired not to hire each other's workers.

  • Drive-by attack relies on hacked GoDaddy accounts

    Hundreds of hacked domain name accounts registered through GoDaddy are being used as part of a highly effective campaign using the Angler exploit kit to infect computers with malware.

  • Uber buys deCarta to improve mapping and arrival estimates

    Uber is acquiring deCarta, a mapping and location company that could help Uber to develop new types of services and also ensure its drivers show up on time.

  • 2,000 and counting as MYOB grows its developer partner network

    “We’re delighted with the strong and growing network of API partners that we have attracted."

  • Spark NZ closes in on $106m Telecom Rentals sale

    Telco enters into a conditional agreement to sell 100% of share capital in Telecom Rentals Limited (TRL) for $106 million to FlexiGroup Limited.

  • FREAK is another serious flaw in the Web's encryption

    Experts are warning of a serious security flaw that has apparently gone undetected for years and can weaken encrypted connections between computers and websites, potentially undermining security across the Internet.

  • Box snaps up Subspace for heightened BYOD security

    Hard on the heels of debuting a cloud storage service for financial services firms, Box announced Tuesday that it has acquired Subspace, a startup focused on cross-device collaboration security.

  • European group wants 5G to be 100x faster than 4G

    5G should go 100 times faster than 4G, connect 1,000 times as many devices and carry 1,000 times as much traffic in a given area, a European Commission group says.

  • Snowden willing to face trial in US, if it's fair

    Edward Snowden, the former U.S. National Security Agency contractor who leaked details of the agency's surveillance programs, is willing to return to the U.S. and face criminal charges, if he's assured of a fair trial, according to a Russian news report.

  • Twitter CFO floats idea of newspaper-like 'daily edition'

    Here's an idea for the next version of Twitter that might crystallize the service's value: The Twitter Daily Favorite.

  • In Pictures: Best business-class tablets for front office and factory floor

    In this review, we looked at two types of business-class tablets, traditional tablets used by the sales force or other front-office workers, and ruggedised devices that can be used on the factory floor or other back-office environments.

  • Privacy advocates find Obama proposal lacking

    A consumer privacy proposal from U.S. President Barack Obama's administration gives people too little control over their personal data and companies too much latitude to use that information, a coalition of 14 privacy and digital rights groups said.

  • With Spotfire 7, Tibco aims to make analytics more accessible

    Scan through the news announcements in the world of enterprise software lately, and there's a good chance you'll notice an overriding theme. It focuses on analytics, and it's all about putting the power of that once-highly specialized function within the hands of a broader spectrum of business users.

  • Android users spammed with fake Amazon gift card offers

    New malware spreading across Android devices via text messages promises free Amazon gift cards but delivers only spam to everyone on the device's contact list.