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  • Orcon launches 1Gbps broadband services

    ISP Orcon has launched 1Gbps services on the UFB network in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga and Christchurch, costing from $135 a month on a two year plan.

    29 Sept. 16 12:14 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Spark offers disadvantaged families $15 per month broadband

    Spark is to offer families with school-aged children unable to afford a commercial broadband service a 30GB ‘no-frills’ broadband service for $15 per month, about 25 percent the price of the cheapest commercial services available.

    23 Sept. 16 09:19 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Small print costs Trustpower $390k

    Trustpower has been fined $390,000 for misleading consumers about a bundled broadband and electricity supply offer.

    23 Sept. 16 09:18 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Massey University goes hyperconverged

    After initially experimenting with hyperconverged infrastructure for a small project New Zealand’s Massey University is now deploying Nutanix equipment to handle its mission-critical student management system. The university says it is planning further deployment of the technology.

    21 Sept. 16 10:10 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Survey finds NZ business networks sub-optimal

    A survey of 266 companies across Australia and New Zealand, commissioned by Citrix and undertaken by Tech Research Asia, found 55 percent of New Zealands believed their IT networks required upgrading if they want to take advantage of emerging technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of Things, and wearables. For Australia the figure was 52 percent.

    14 Sept. 16 16:17 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Broadband Compare adds phone and chat support

    New Zealand broadband comparison website has launched telephone and online chat support and says it has expanded its database of internet providers and broadband plans available in New Zealand to more than 2800 different broadband packages from 94 different New Zealand ISPs.

    14 Sept. 16 16:15 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Spark to move Xtra email from Yahoo! to SMX

    Spark is to bring the mailboxes of its Xtra email service customers on shore, transferring them from Yahoo! to local email service provider SMX, which operates from a Spark data centre.

    14 Sept. 16 16:02 Written by Stuart Corner
  • KotahiNet extends LoRaWAN IoT network to Cook Islands

    KotahiNet, which in February announced plans to rollout throughout New Zealand a LoRaWAN low powered wide area radio network for connecting ‘things’ to the Internet, has installed a LoRaWAN network in the Cook Islands in partnership with local telco, BlueSky Cook Islands.

    08 Sept. 16 09:45 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Waikato Networks takes full ownership of Ultrafast Fibre company

    Communications minister, Amy Adams, has announced that WEL Networks’ subsidiary, Waikato Networks, is taking full ownership of the local fibre company Ultrafast Fibre, previously jointly held with Crown Fibre Holdings (CFH), three and a half years earlier than expected.

    07 Sept. 16 14:04 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Southern Cross cable confirms plans for new cable

    Southern Cross Cable has confirmed its plans, first aired in January, to build a third trans-Pacific link to the US. It aims to have this in operation by 2020

    05 Sept. 16 11:40 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Bigpipe app enables broadband users to self-test

    New Zealand ISP Bigpipe has added a feature to its Bigpipe App, available from the Apple Store or Google Play, that enables customers to check their broadband connection for faults.

    01 Sept. 16 13:51 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Downer to give up on Chorus fibre rollout

    Downer has told Chorus that it does not intend to re-tender for ongoing fibre installation work, preferring to concentrate on the copper network and communal UFB build. The decision has prompted the union representing workers to claim it exposes the poor treatment of Chorus contractors, and will jeopardise the sustainability of the new network.

    29 Aug. 16 10:00 Written by Stuart Corner
  • TransPacific research network upgraded to 100Gbps

    Southern Cross Cable Network (SCCN), REANNZ and the Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet) have upgraded the Southern Cross Trans-Pacific Optical Research Testbed (SXTransPORT) network linking Australia, New Zealand and the US from 40Gbps to 100Gbps to accommodate traffic growth driven by data-intensive science.

    25 Aug. 16 13:46 Written by Stuart Corner
  • DRFortress to build and run Hawaiki’s Hawaii landing station

    Hawaiki Submarine Cable has named DRFortress as its landing and operating partner in Hawaii saying this will make the Hawaiki cable landing station, on the main island of Oahu, the first open-access station in Hawaii and will “help to unlock the Hawaiian connectivity market.”

    24 Aug. 16 12:43 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Sigfox LPWan IoT network reaches 50 percent NZ coverage

    Kordia — the company rolling out the Sigfox low-powered wide area IoT network fo Thinxtra, the Australia and New Zealand licensee — says it has now reached coverage of 50 percent of the New Zealand population, following commissioning of a new site in Hamilton.

    22 Aug. 16 13:31 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Enable enables 1Gbps on Christchurch fibre

    Christchurch’s local fibre company, Enable, has launched a 1Gbps downstream, 500Mbps upstream wholesale residential fibre broadband service across its coverage area in Christchurch and surrounding towns.

    19 Aug. 16 12:31 Written by Stuart Corner
  • Trustpower charged over broadband ads

    The Commerce Commission has filed charges in the Auckland District Court against Trustpower over the marketing and sale of its bundled electricity and unlimited data broadband offer.

    19 Aug. 16 12:26 Written by Stuart Corner