InternetNZ proposes official name-change

The organisation has retained its original name as the official name under which it communicates with international bodies

InternetNZ members will look at changing the organisation’s official name — the rather long “The Internet Society of New Zealand” — during a series of meetings this month.

The meetings will allow members around the country to all consider the proposed name-change.

The organisation now trades under the InternetNZ name, but it has retained its original name as the official name under which it communicates with international bodies.

This has led to some confusion, says executive director Keith Davidson. The “Society” has never been an official chapter of the International Internet Society (ISOC), he says. So, this could, potentially, cause confusion at the United Nations, for example.

The ISOC has also “expressed a desire for us not to be seen as passing ourselves off as a chapter of their organisation,” says Davidson. However, he adds that there is no friction with ISOC over the issue.

InternetNZ’s areas of work have also diverged from those of the ISOC in recent times, he says.

Recently, and increasingly, InternetNZ has been working with the government on policy affecting internet use. Most ISOC chapters aren’t involved in such policy work.

Also, while the organisation’s trading name is InternetNZ, “we are commonly referred to as Internet New Zealand”, says Davidson. To solve both problems, it is proposed that the official name be changed to “Internet New Zealand Inc”.

InternetNZ, and its accompanying branding, will remain, and continue to be the organisation’s public face in New Zealand.

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