Health IT exec resigns to rescue Novopay

David Miller to leave NHB; Novopay on govt's high-risk project watchlist

The National Health Board’s director of information delivery and operations, David Miller, has resigned to become a consultant in charge of the at-risk Novopay project.

Miller has become a director of newly formed management consulting company, ForeConsulting, which will formally be launched in mid-October, according to its website. On October 12, he will take up the recently advertised role of programme director for the Ministry of Education’s Novopay schools payroll project.

Novopay, which is budgeted at $62.7 million, is on the government watchlist of high-risk projects. It was originally scheduled to go live in mid 2010 but the date was revised early this year to July 2012 to provide more time to complete the customisation of the payroll system.

“The project is currently completing these customisations,” says Fiona McTavish, Education Workforce group manager. “System testing has begun but is not due to be completed until the end of this year.”

In the interim, Datacom continues to provide the payroll service which it developed as a bespoke system when it took over the ministry’s in-house service.

The schools payroll service is New Zealand’s largest payroll system in terms of volume. Over the course of a year, it delivers a shared service to school boards of trustees, and pays more than 110,000 teaching and non-teaching staff.

National Health Board national director Chai Chuah says that Graeme Osborne, director of the National Health IT Board, will pick up Miller’s responsibilities for the time being.

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Former Colleague


A loss for the Ministry. Unfortunately it's part of the natural cycle of the health sector.



Does anyone know what other projects are on the "high-risk project watchlist"? I have had a look around and can't find any reference to it on the SSC website anywhere...

Julia Craven, Ministry of Education


Novopay is on track for implementation in July 2012. The headline to this story is grossly inaccurate and not supported by any fact. I assure schools and the public that Novopay is progressing well towards go-live next year.

Long Term Listener


So the last of the old guard finally leaves. The National Health IT Board has had more than 2 years - where are the results? They've planned, strategised and promoted but we're no further than we were. Where's the accountability? If the government wants to save money it should disband this bunch of bureaucrats.

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