Orcon's consumer UFB service announced, includes 1 TB plan: Updated

State owned ISP announces services available to be ordered as of today

Orcon has revealed details for its retail ultra-fast broadband plans and services for New Zealand residential and business users.

The state-owned company is the first major ISP to make public its pricing for fibre based internet plans.

For $75 a month, Orcon customers will receive 30 GB of data at 30 Mbps downlink, and 10 Mbps up.

Heavy data users will be pleased to see the availablity of a 1 TB data cap plan, starting at $199 per month.

Fibre plans for business customers will start at $169 plus GST, which will get them 30 GB of data per month at 30 Mbps.

These plans will be bundled with Orcon's VOIP telephone line services, with standard rates on all national calls. Business customers will have two built-in VOIP phone lines.

A limited number of customers in Chorus' year one roll out areas will have their installation costs waived, says Beth Brewer, senior product manager at Orcon.

Brewer says she is unable to confirm the final cost for installation until Chorus provide more details.

"At the moment we can't reveal exactly how much it will be. Chorus will be using this initial group as a learning excercise, and once that is done we will have definitive numbers and costs," says Brewer.

Customers will be held to 12 month contracts, which has a $10 per month hardware rental free for the Genius , says Brewer. They can choose to sign up for 18 or 24 months, which comes with free hardware.

Orcon says initially around 20,000 residents and businesses from Auckland, Wellington, Whangarei, Rotorua, Palmerston North, and Blenheim will have the service available to them, but expects this number to grow to 50,000 in a few months.

In Christchurch, Hamilton, and Tauranga services will be available from mid 2012, says Orcon.

30 Mbps down / 10 Mbps up Service:

$75 - 30 GB cap

$89 - 60 GB cap

$99 - 100 GB cap

$199 - 1 TB cap

100 Mbps down / 30 Mbps up Service:

$110 - 30 GB cap

$124 - 60 GB cap

$134 - 100 GB cap

$234 - 1 TB cap

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It's about time that "someone" is thinking outside the box and offering a data plan that is more realistic with today's consumption of content from the internet by heavy users and gamers - ie streaming on demand content from tvnz, tv3 and four - as well as things like Netflix to one's Xbox. Streaming and consumption of online content is where we are going, and this opens the way.

I think the price is ok for TB, but the smaller data caps should be cheaper.

Irv Ogby


30 GB at 30 Mbps? That's 8K seconds, or less than 2.5 hours (even without the IP overhead). What do I do for the rest of the month?



Is the bottle neck for instigating these services.

What a joke I bet Telecom don't have to wait.

And this is what Joyce/National have paid for using taxpayers money



I hope the capped speeds are ADSL, like ADSL capped speeds are Dialup. Even a 1mbps capped speed would be good value.



I had no idea that Orcon was 'The state-owned ISP'??



What is the up speed for the 100Mbps plan?



Go Orcon! Good to see that someone is finally getting up to speed!



Ok, that's sounds great, but... No indication about the cost of actually installing the fibre and box to your house (must be individually quoted, an indicative cost would be good). Their website also indicate that if you break the contract, you need to pay the "service fee" for the reminder of the contract, yet no mention of fee in the pricing structure. Also, the last time I checked, there is only one pipe between us and Australia for the rest of the world or "international bandwidth" shared by all ISPs... Personally, I will wait a while longer before jumping on board.



Love the new pricing Orcon - even for copper. I tried to jump onto Orcon's website yesterday to upgrade to their 60GB plan at $89 which is brilliant and for a while it looked like this was available but it seemed everyone had the same idea as their site was timing out. I now see today that the old plans are back and I can't get the 60GB for $89... :-( as far as I am concerned Orcon effectively launched new copper pricing yesterday as well. When can I get it??



A lot of people would benefit from 200 and 500 GB plans (preferable with a per GB cost near to that of the 1TB plan).

Telecom Employee


Funny thing is Telecom can't do VOIP (they partnered with World exchange for their previous fibre trials) so Orcon and others my be in a box seat position to make a killing if they move fast enough.....

Telco Guru


wonder if Orcon fast service and best price will be matched by an equal worst customer service?
By the way I am an Orcon user#..



Orcon has the worst service, I have continued problems. The worst of it is the customer service you have to wait up to 1 hour to get someone to help you. Possibally the worst isp on the planet.

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