New Zealand's top tech tweeters

Drivers and influencers in the NZ tech Twitter scene

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or at least that's our excuse for compiling a list of Twitter users so shortly after The New Zealand Herald.

The people below are followed by members of the Computerworld staff and are on this list not because of their celebrity or popularity, but because they influence, drive, or contribute towards the technology conversation in New Zealand.

Top 5 Most Followers

  1. Mike Koziarski (@nzkoz) - 252,000
  2. Justin Flitter (@justinflitter) - 32, 100
  3. John Lai (@iamjohnlai) - 29,400
  4. Russell Brown (@publicaddress) - 7653
  5. David MacGregor (@joegreenz) - 7059

Software & Programming

Ben Gracewood

Developer at Marker Metro, co-founder of Codemania

(Microsoft, mobile, development)

Brenda Wallace

Production engineer for Weta Digital

(Animation, Linux, development)

Dan Lee

Project manager at YouDo

(startups, software, technology)

David Frampton

App developer

(Apple, development, surfing)

Jason Kemp

Organiser of Wordcamp

(Wordpress, websites, technology)

John Ascroft

CIO at Jade

(Apple, technology, mobile)

John Ballinger

Web developer, runs Auckland Web Meetup

(development, apps, web)

Karl von Randow ‏

App developer

(Apple, mobile, development)

Mike Koziarski

Ruby on Rails core team, Southgate Labs

(Ruby on Rails, open source, development)

Layton Duncan

Founder of Polar Bear Farm

(Apple, development, mobile)

Mike Brown

VP of Webstock

(development, web)

Nat Torkington

Board member of the Perl Foundation

(Perl, open source, Apple)

Nathan Mercer ‏ @nathanm

Technology specialist at Microsoft

(Microsoft, development, virtualisation)

Nigel Parker

Development advisor at Microsoft

(Microsoft, development, mobile)

Simon Young ‏ @tarkwyn

Head developer at Trademe

(development, mobile, apps)

Startups & Entrepeneurs

Alistair Helm

CEO of

(property, business)

Chirag Ahuja

Founder of TranscribeMe, NZ head of LetsLunch

(startups, business, social media)

David ten Have

CEO Ponoko

(DIY, technology)

Lance Wiggs

Entrepeneur and commentator

(startups, business, web)

Mitch Olson

Co-founder of SmallWorlds

(gaming industry, gaming, startups)

Rod Drury

CEO of Xero

(startups, telco, business)

Rowan Simpson

Founder of Southgate Labs

(startups, development, telco)

Seeby Woodhouse ‏ @seeby

Founder of Orcon

(green tech, telco, startups)

Sam Minnee

CEO of Silverstripe

(open source, CMS, web)

Vaughan Rowsell


(startups, business, development)

Social Media & Marketing

David MacGregor

Founder of Idealog

(advertising, media, startups)

John Lai

Social media commentator

(social media, technology,sports)

Justin Flitter

Owner of Flitter Media

(social media, startups, business)


Chris Quin

CEO of Gen-i

(enterprise IT, management, running)

Jonathan Brewer

Consultant at Telco2

(telco, rural, broadband)

Paul Brislen


(telco, technology, broadcasting)

Rick Shera


(copyright, net neutrality, law)

Scott Bartlett

CEO of Orcon

(telco, broadband, IT)

Thomas Beagle

Co-founder of Tech Liberty NZ

(copyright, politics, net neutrality)

Vikram Kumar

CEO of InternetNZ

(telco, broadband, copyright)


Dave Lane

Founder of Egressive

(open source, Drupal, IT)

Don Christie

President of NZRise

(IT, open source, government)

Paul Matthews


(careers, IT, education)

Vivian Chandra

IT manager at Amnesty New Zealand

(charities, technology, women in tech)


Amy Adams

ICT Minister

(telco, broadband, broadcasting)

Clare Curran

Labour ICT and broadcasting spokesperson

(telco, government, broadband)

Gareth Hughes

Greens ICT spokesperson

(green tech, government, telco)

Steven Joyce

Head of Ministry of Economic Development, among other things

(business, politics, spelling)

Journalists & Bloggers

Bill Bennett

Freelance journalist

(telco, technology, IT)

Chris Keall

Online editor of The NBR

(technology, telco, business)

Colin Jackson

Technology writer

(mobile, telco, technology)

Divina Paredes

Editor of CIO Magazine

(management, IT, business)

Dylan Reeve

Video editor, production, on Discourse

(technology, politics, media)

Gerard Campbell

Gaming blogger

(gaming, technology, fatherhood)

Glenn Williams

Radio host of KiwiFM

(technology, broadcasting)

Hamish Fletcher

Business reporter at NZ Herald

(business, courts, technology)

Hannah Keys

Freelance blogger

(women in tech, social media, fashion)

Harley Ogier

Reviews editor for PC World

(reviews, gadgets, cats)

Juha Saarinen

Freelance technology journalist

(technology, science, media)

Joanna McLeod

Blogger at Wellingtonista

(Wellington, media, government)

Liam Dann

Business editor at NZ Herald

(business, media)

Mauricio Freitas

Runs Geekzone

(technology, telco, media)

Paul Spain

Host of NZ Tech Podcast

(technology, Microsoft)

Peter Griffin

Science Media Centre director, writes for sciblogs and The Listener

(technology, science, telco)

Peter McLennan

Musician, Blogger and Designer, Computerworld tweeter

(music, media, technology)

Richard MacManus

Founder of ReadWriteWeb

(technology, USA, web)

Rob O'Neill

Business editor for Sunday Star Times

(business, government, IT)

Robyn Gallagher

Blogger at

(music, government, media)

Russell Brown

Blogger, host of Media7

(media, technology, politics)

Sarah Putt

Editor of Computerworld

(telco, IT, media)

Sim Ahmed

Journalist at Computerworld and CIO Magazine

(IT, technology, media)

Siobhan Keogh

Journalist at PC World, contributor U Live

(gaming, technology, reviews)

Stephen Bell

Journalist at Computerworld

(language, IT, politics)

Tom Pullar-Strecker

Technology editor at Dominion Post

(IT, government) ‏

Zara Baxter

Editor of PC World

(technology, reviews, beer)




Great to get a meaningful list with a tech focus.

But you've missed someone who should be No 3 on this list: Ben Kepes @benkepes with 8,057 followers and 37,275 tweets and easily described as NZ's cloud guru.

As he describes himself on his Twitter bio "Tech analyst, commentator and evangelist. Entrepreneur. Biz dev guy. Loves the outdoors. Kiwi dad..."

Definitely worth following



Where are the BAs , testers, and PMs?
Perhaps a relfection of the (im)maturity or journalists perceptions of NZ IT sector



Hey good list. People I would actually follow instead of that junk list by the Herald.

Lot of people I've not heard of, will check them out. So what was rationale behind them being on this list.



so having 103, 226, 249 275 or 276 "followers" counts as a mover an shaker ?

yeah right



Thanks for your take on people worth following in NZ's tech area. The Herald list was mostly highly qualified journalists and skipped suggesting tweeters who have interesting things to say about business or social business. Admittedly I do enjoy reading their grammatically correct and spelling-free tweets, but it's useful to have a more general overview of trends and opinions across-the-board on digital trends and their real-world applications.



totally don't deserve to be on that list... thanks Sim!!!

mark revington


Look forward to many more tweets from the editor



Also missing are world leading folk in IT Process areas. guys like Rob England, the @itskeptic



Thanks for putting me on this list. It more than makes up for the butthurt from being left off the Herald's list. And I'm super pleased to see Dylan Reeve is also on the list. He's like an OG interesting geek on the web. I'm most intrigued, though, what my "government" skills are. Is this a hidden talent I was not previously aware of?

Peter McLennan


another useful list, Bill Bennett's collection of NZ media on Twitter...
<a> </a>

covers Newspapers / Radio and TV stations / Magazines / Journalists / Bloggers and online media and more



Perhaps those who buy followers should be excluded from the top 5? A little disingenuous otherwise.

Jason Kemp


Delighted to be on the list. Glad to see Ben Kepes has been mentioned. Another person you should follow is @danmilward well known in WordPress circles but has a massive gaming project on. Gamefroot launches in Wellington in 1 weeks time.

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