Computer Society renamed Institute of IT Professionals

New name to take take effect from July 1

The last hurdle for the New Zealand Computer Society to change its name to the Institute of IT Professionals was cleared last night.

At a special general meeting in Wellington, the vote on the name change to the Institute of IT Professionals was passed by 65 votes in favour to two opposed.

The name change will take effect from July 1. The Institute will have a new logo stylising the letters IITP in a square (see photo below).



CEO Paul Matthews wrote, in an opinion piece in Computerworld about the name change, that research by the organisation found that “twice as many of the public identified with the new name over the old and 82 percent would 'trust' the new name over the old one. This is even more pronounced when we look at those under 30,” he wrote.

“Whether we like it or not, if our profession and our industry is to grow within New Zealand or to the world it has to be on the basis of trust, credibility and respect.”


Steve C


Our IT world has changed a lot in the last 30 years and this hopefully moves with the times. There is a lot more maturity in this world than a few decades ago and more of a platform to work with in professional delivery.
I was a member of the NZCS but it varied in output quality. Let's see how it is going forward.

I think the new logo has an identifiable look. Let's hope it does not clash with any Scottish clan colours!



NZCS or IITP, makes no difference it's still an irrelevant organisation.



Wow, 67 people voted on this issue. Clearly a large, engaged membership - not.
Renaming the Titanic much?



Perhaps someone can enlighten me on the value of paying $295 membership dues (to be an associate member no less)? It seems hard to justify when you could instead join several international industry organizations (ACM, Usenix etc) and have money left over.

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