Director appointed for immigration project

Dave Squire starts today as the new project director for the Immigration Global Management System

Experienced project and programme manager Dave Squire has been appointed project director of the Immigration Global Management System (IGMS).

He takes up his new position today.

Squire runs his own consultancy, Squire Associates and was most recently involved in a project for Housing New Zealand.

Former manager of the IGMS project, Stewart Watson, resigned in July, citing his health and the stress of a two-hour daily commute.

A spokesman for the Labour Group of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), formerly the Labour Department, discounts predictions that Squire will be dealing with a blown budget before the project finishes. IGMS is still within its original budget of $80 million, says principal communications advisor Mark Piercey, and a further $10 million is already set aside for “contingency”.

“But it needs to be emphasised that the total forecast cost is still $80 million and that figure has not changed,” he says. $75 million is contributed by government and $5 million from Immigration New Zealand’s capital resources.

IGMS will replace a system devised in the 1990s and is intended to bring more of the interaction between intending immigrants and the pertinent government agencies into the online channel. It will “enable online processing, the use of electronic documents, automation of simple tasks and significant improvements in identity management,” Piercey says.

Computerworld has sought Squire's views on the IGMS development task.

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Wasn't the Housing project a total disadter that required Mininsterial oversight and has been an abject failure from a fiscal and project perspective?



I still cannot believe how much this thing is supposedly going to cost. I was lead application architect for the vendor that managed Immigration's core systems through the 2000s and I am GOBSMACKED at how much the cost has increased since we first did a feasibility study on this.

Maybe the scope of the project has changed since then, but when we did that, in 2006/7, we quoted around 30 million, and that was with a metric crap-load of contingency built in.

How is it now going to cost $80 million? The software development side would only have become cheaper if anything, since the way applications are built now has come so far from where we were back then.

Must be the new vendor. I wouldn't be surprised if they screw it up. Again.



Wow. Novopay, Housing mess, and now this? All in one year? Plus all the security issues. Govt IT is a disaster zone.



Datacom (IGMS) + Dave Squire = . . . . well, you do the math

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