Open source developers Catalyst and Egressive combine forces

Christchurch-based Egressive is acquired by Wellington firm Catalyst in friendly takeover

Catalyst IT has taken over fellow open source developer, Christchurch-based Egressive.

Egressive will formally become Catalyst’s South Island branch from the end of this month (November).

The takeover is friendly, says Egressive director Dave Lane. “In fact it would be fair to say we initiated the process.” The company had grown its business to the point where its small staff had as much work as they could handle, he says, and it was limited by its location.

For some time Egressive has been considering the feasibility of opening an office in Wellington or Auckland. The merger with Catalyst, Lane says, has given it that growth opportunity.

Egressive has had six staff and this number will be expanded to eight with the inclusion of two Catalyst staffers already based in a sublet part of the Egressive premises, Lane says.

Catalyst director Don Christie, says “from both our companies' perspective, this move makes a lot of sense. Our shared values, commitment to quality open source software development and our people make this a natural fit for us.”

With nearly 30 years of experience between them, “Catalyst IT and Egressive together represent the most established open source expertise in New Zealand”, Christie says.




Catalyst moving from strength to strength, fantastic to see for a Wellington and New Zealand owned company. Well done Don and Mike.

Brian Steele


Good things happen in three's. Catalyst and Egressive, Assurity and Clarus, ... and perhaps Hurricanes backs with Crusaders forwards?

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