Rank Group stays with AT&T

NZ based Rank Group has renewed its networking contract with AT&T for a further three years

New Zealand based Rank Group has renewed its networking contract with AT&T for a further three years.

Rank has a global deal with AT&T, which provides the ability to integrate all Rank Group companies, with the flexibility to implement managed router services and to reduce operational costs.

The group established the relationship with AT&T in 2008 to consolidate and standardise all of its telecommunications services across its subsidiaries in all US locations. The single contract and single platform improves efficiency and helps with managing expenses.

Through a series of strategic acquisitions, Rank Group has build up an international portfolio of companies across the food packaging, consumer goods, automotive parts, and building supplies sectors.

The company says this has created numerous challenges as it seeks to consolidate these companies and to integrate the many varied networks into one that is provided with seamless support and a single point of contact for all technical and commercial matters.

Global CIO Pat O’Connell says AT&T has played a crucial role in Rank’s emergence as a leading global packaging business. “Our respective US and New Zealand teams work very closely together,” he says.

AT&T is also providing Rank Group with a mobility solution.

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