Unisys appoints NZ country manager

Global managed services sales director has role expanded

Unisys has expanded the role of Steve Griffin to include country manager.

Griffin, who is Wellington-based, has been global managed services sales director for New Zealand since September 2012. He will continue to report to Phil Heggie, vice president sales global managed services for Asia Pacific , who is based in Sydney.

Griffin joined Unisys last year. He was previously New Zealand sales director for Hewlett-Packard. He joined HP as part of its EDS acquisition where he had been employed since 2004.

Former managing director Brett Hodgson for Unisys NZ resigned last year to go into private business.

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Silent Observer


Unisys in NZ and IRD FIRST as an example is where a company can bring some real differentiation to the NZ market place?

What we should be looking at for IRD FIRST is a solution that is not even a quarter of the current sums quoted by Cap Gemini.
The solution should engage NZ business and also create IT opportunities for NZ youth.

This is perfectly achievable and should be the way forward.
Civil Servants tend to be risk averse, not because of risks to the Taxpayer, but often they do not have a clue what they are doing and they like some one BIG to blame - and not be held accountable for any outcome or responsibility.

If the FIRST transformation costs 4 times the going rate, or fails the Senior Civil Servants will be happy if no mud sticks and they can continue in their position of divide and rule.
The Oracle solution is not the best answer and personally I would redevelop it in .Net.

Java is not a business application language and offers low productivity.

The IRD Business needs to have a clear direction as to the future of the NZ tax system before the best way forward can be ultimately chosen. The NZ tax system is not very competitive.

The IRD business needs to show some leadership so the right implementation by IT can be chosen.

Kiwi's and Kiwi business can do this and it is time for NZ to start showing some faith in its own capabilities!
The NZ economy needs to create jobs and a chainsaw approach of sending FIRST to India to be serviced by a cheap low skilled pool of labour (charged at full wack!) is not the right approach.

So come on Steve (if you offer true leadership), let's see some new initiative from Unisys on this!

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Remember when Netflix said NO to NZ?