Can users trust Mega?

Dotcom says Mega is safer than Megaupload; talks about Megabox

At a glitzy media launch at his mansion outside of Auckland yesterday evening, Kim Dotcom spoke about why the Mega service could be trusted with users’ files, given that a significant number of Megaupload users had lost theirs.

“Well, of course I understand that some of our customers will have concerns because of what happened before. And there will be some that say, ‘Hey, we’ll wait a little bit and see what happens here before we sign up and become customers,” Dotcom said.

“But there will be the early adopters. And it will be those who try it out, and I think once they see how great Mega is, the word will spread quickly and more people will sign up. And I’m actually more concerned about how I can manage the current growth because there are so many people signing up.”

Lawyering up

When asked why Mega was a safer business than Megaupload had been, Dotcom told the audience at Mega’s launch that the service has been “scrutinised by lawyers like no other internet start-up in history”.

“Every single pixel of this website has been checked for some kinds of issues. Our lawyers have made sure that we are fully compliant with the law,” he said.

“So I don’t think that we need to worry about any kind of takedown anytime soon.”


The Mega team. Photo: Harley Ogier, PCWorld NZ

On privacy and encryption

A Computerworld reporter suggested that perhaps, given that Mega was encrypting all files, the Government would make attempts to outlaw encryption. However Dotcom reiterated that privacy was a “basic human right”.

“It’s in the United Nations’ charter of human rights, so I think it will be difficult to outlaw encryption,” he said.

Chief technology officer of Mega, Mathias Ortmann, said the encryption code was open source and as such would be subject to peer review.

“We expect the security community to take a long and hard look and comment on possible weaknesses and implementation errors,” Ortmann said.

“To crack the key by simply trying all possible keys is definitely impossible, the universe is not old enough for that.”


Photo: Harley Ogier, PCWorld NZ

More than 50 percent internet traffic is piracy, Dotcom says

When asked about how Mega would prevent abuse, Dotcom said that Megaupload had not been responsible for the actions of its users.

“They are trying to blame us for an internet phenomenon. This wasn’t a Megaupload phenomenon, that there was piracy on Megaupload,” he said.

“You can ask any ISP that connects users to the internet, ‘How much piracy traffic do you have on your network?’. And anyone who will tell you less than 50 percent is a liar.”

Every internet company has to deal with piracy issues, Dotcom said, including reputable organisations like YouTube.

“Why are they coming here, to New Zealand, [to] rip me out of my house when everyone has to deal with the same issues? They can’t blame me for the actions of third parties.”

“If someone speeds in a car they bought you don’t go to the car manufacturer and say, ‘We’re shutting you down.’”


Dotcom also spoke of sister service Megabox, which is yet to be launched. Megabox is to be a service designed for musicians to upload music and get royalties when their music is played on the website.

“Megabox is still under development,” he said. “It will take at least another six month before that site goes live. I’m a perfectionist and I’m not going to release a product that I’m not 100 percent sure of. And Megabox still needs some improvements. But it’s going to be an awesome site, it’s definitely going to change the music industry.”

Dotcom said Megabox would give the power back to the artists and creators of content. Artists using Megabox will keep the “lion’s share” – 90 percent - of revenue from the service for themselves, he said.

What now?

Now that Mega is launched, Dotcom said he will be taking a break from the limelight.

“I am getting tired of seeing myself in the news,” he said, “so I can’t imagine how a lot of New Zealanders feel.”

“The next time you hear from me will probably be when I am in court, fighting my case if it comes to that. I’m going to take myself a step back.”


Wendy McKenzie


'More than 50 percent internet traffic is piracy' .... and therefore wrong.
Surely wrong is wrong.
Creating a business out of exploiting the weaknesses of people....seems wrong too.
And two wrongs make?
oh yeah - I forgot



First it would be nice to be able to view his website....
Have tried several times at different times of day to access his site but can't load it.
Such is the nature of the useless backbone the rest of NZ has to suffer with, must be nice for you Aucklanders.



Others sites are reporting that the service has an app that will then display ads on non mega sites.

"Once installed on a user's computer MegaKey will allow Mega to serve up its own advertising on the web pages of third party websites, effectively redirecting the revenue from players such as Google into Mega's pockets."

Sounds like malware or spyware to me or even start of a bot army.



Even though this is a "" website the server is located in the US I found this out in seconds using the flagfox extension in Mozilla Firefox

Since the data is stored in the US do we even have control of the data?

Also one thing that makes me uneasy is in the privacy policy under the titles your information we collect & personal information
"Access to your data is by way of username and password and it is your responsibility to keep these safe and secure." now this being under information we collect does make me suspicious and wonder if they actually have full access to your data no matter what they say.

Jon Deer


" Dotcom said Megabox would give the power back to the artists and creators of content. Artists using Megabox will keep the "lion's share" - 90 percent - of revenue from the service for themselves, he said... "it's definitely going to change the music industry."
So, it give a big % back to musicians - like iTunes or Bandcamp already does. Not a gamechanger, bro



...can we trust the government to resist once again trading our sovereignty for another chance to lick Uncle Sam's crack.



The UN charter was written long before the internet and the rise of Al Quaeda. It is only due to diligent surveilance that some extremists and terrorists have been apprehended prior to their intended attrocities. As a result, I guess DotCoM would not be so eager to defend some of the freedoms he espouses, or aspires to, if either he or his associates were the victim of such terrorist actions that were only undetected due to privacy laws and permitted surveilance. EG. A group in the UK of which one was a teacher, involved in Bomb making activities that were only apprehended prior to their intended attrocities, due to some 18 months of prior surveilance.



"Quite frankly it felt like I had coded this in 2011 while drunk."

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