ACC upgrades Microsoft software

Major programme of work includes upgrading to Windows 7 and Outlook 2010

The Accident Compensation Corporation has begun a major programme of work to upgrade its aged Microsoft software.

The projects within the programme include upgrading Windows XP and Office 2003 desktop to Windows 7 and Outlook 2010.

This is due to conclude in 2013 in advance of the 2014 end-of-support deadline from Microsoft for both products.

The programme is also targeting an upgrade of the Windows Server fleet from Windows 2003 to a mix of Windows 2008 and Windows 2012, including the upgrade of Active Directory to AD 2008 R2, and Exchange Server to Exchange 2010. The server project is due to conclude ahead of the end-of-life support for Server 2003 in 2015.

ACC says in a statement that the upgrades are in line with corporate strategy and the government mandate to ensure agencies are running supported software.

The programme is being managed by ACC. The project teams are a combination of ACC staff and staff from ICT services partner Datacom, supplemented with external contractors.

ACC says no specific outcome-based contract has been let.




Everyone on MS XP and Office 2003 has to do this by April 14. It is a slow news day?



Is there anyone left there?



Support expires for XP in April 2014 and not 'April 14' implying this year.
XP wont suddenly stop - it just becomes unsupported so it is sound practice to stay with supported software.

Why people see a need to jump on ACC every time someone breathes is beyond me. ACC has help 100,000s of people in its 40 years and has improved in the last 15 years.
I have found them helpful and professional.
Just because someone accidently attached a file to an email a year or so back does not mean the sky is falling despite journalists (and John Campbell who is not a journalist but a scream queen)wetting their pants in excitement.

ACC keeps the court system cleared of people suing everytime there is an accident. Would you rather have the US system of a lottery through the courts that only makes ambulance chasers rich?
THINK about it!

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