Auckland Council IS department restructures

53 roles to be disestablished, and 44 new roles created

Auckland Council’s information services department is being restructured.

Head of information services Mike Foley says as part of a transformation programme 53 roles will be disestablished, and 44 new roles created. In addition, 85 current roles will have a change of reporting line. There are currently eleven roles vacant.

“The IS department is undergoing a restructure, just as most organisations do over a period of time. Auckland Council is currently in the process of executing its transformation programme to consolidate the number of systems and services it delivers,” Foley says in an email to Computerworld.

“The restructure is part of a series of activities to improve the operating service delivery and support models that currently exist, and has done since November 1 2012. This is part of an evolution programme to realign management portfolios and accountabilities, improve operation delivery services and begin to move the IS team to an organisational model that can be benchmarked against its industry peers with an aim of being recognised as a 'world class' organisation.”

Foley says the council has been in consultation with the IS team in the past few months over the restructure, working with council executives and Public Service Association.

Auckland Council currently has 516 permanent staff (14 of which are part time) in the IT team and 63 fixed term contract staff of which three are part time.

The tolal number of Auckland Council staff is around 8000.




That is approx 1 in 14 ratio. That's absolutely ridiculous.



Jeez - this guy should be a politican... what a lot of balony he is spouting as justification for the restructure!

Simple Mind


Hope that the ratepayers are happy to fund this game of musical chairs. Mind you that IT team contains a fair percentage of its funders - 562 full-timers and 17 part-timers is a hell of an IT empire!

Chris Black


So there's no real job cut, just a game of musical chairs. A waste of rate & tax payers money.



reshuffling chairs on the titanic?

How much time and resource did this take?



"There are currently eleven roles vacant."

I counted 3.

Anonymous if blank


Dont be surprised about any of this. Sooner rather than later there will be a massive uprising from Auckland ratepayers about the increased costs and diminished services arising from the Rodney Hyde super city fiasco. A classic example of why politicians with no real life experience should never be given free rein to implement their hobby horses. I would not leave Hyde, nor Doug McKay, in charge of my corner dairy while I went out to lunch.



Purhaps if somebody else was in charge of the IT function at this council it could funtion as it should. The wrong person doing the wrong job, there were 5 council IT managers and 1 who ran a water companies IT dept with 5 council customers - guess who got the job? First at the ATA where the transition was surpost to take place and now at the council. Big dollars now being wasted - how many of the projects they have on have gone through proper rubust tendering process, answer very few - from the outside it looks of jobs for the boys, and of the projects that have been contestable nothing seems to happen, just a waste of time to the point suppliers of services dont even bother responding - Mr Joyce we need you to sort this out too!

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