Government tablets contract open to all

Second half of government's tablet-computer procurement RFP now issued

The second half of government’s syndicated tablet-computer procurement request for proposal has now been issued.

Last year a partial closed-tender exercise for tablets was conducted, to satisfy government agencies that had an urgent requirement for the devices. This request went only to suppliers already on the all-of-government panel of desktop/laptop and mobile voice-and-data services suppliers.

“Our original intention was to go to the market in early 2013 with an open tender,” senior communications advisor Frances Martin told Computerworld in October.

“However, we are aware that some government agencies may need to source ICT equipment in a shorter timeframe and before the all-of-government contract could be put in place. “For that reason we decided to split the process into two, with phase one being an initial closed tender for existing providers this year and phase two being the wider tender which will take place in early 2013.”

The latest request for proposal, coordinated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, is open to all suppliers. The RFP seeks to appoint a panel of several tablet suppliers. It emphasises not only the potential monetary value of the contract, but the benefit to suppliers of “build[ing] stronger relationships with PAs, with clear understanding of government objectives and strategies, and the likelihood of improved communications outcomes as a result.”

Responses to the RFP are due by February 25.




Good lord, the waffle hurt my brain



Why exactly Government need tablets?

Chris Black


Government acquiring technology to create more reports, strategy documents & implementation plan i.e. bureaucracy. What is the return on (taxpayers') investment for this ? Improved communication is a myth in government - what's wrong with the phone ? The only winner(s) from this will be the hardware / IT solution vendors !

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