IBM response to Computerworld over datacentre outage

Letter to the editor from IBM NZ managing director Jennifer Moxon

IBM New Zealand managing director Jennifer Moxon has written the following letter to the editor in response to the Computerworld editorial: Poor comms from IBM over outage, which was published in the February 25 print edition and posted online on Monday.

"On 18 February 2013, IBM New Zealand notified clients of an outage to New Zealand Virtual Server Services provided from our Auckland Datacentre in Highbrook. Let me emphasise that not all data centre clients were affected.

"The IBM team of local experts and global engineers worked around the clock and we spoke directly with clients at regular intervals to keep them updated until service was restored.

"Our forensic team still is conducting a thorough review to ensure that an issue like this does not reoccur. However, at this stage I can confirm that there was a hardware fault involving a storage unit used by New Zealand Virtual Server Services.

"To reinforce the direct conversations we have been having with our clients, IBM apologises to all who were impacted by this situation. As always, we remain committed to delivering high quality services to our New Zealand clients."


Jennifer Moxon

Managing Director

IBM New Zealand




How to say something without saying anything - translation
Paragraph 1 - Stuff stopped working, some customers suffered, the lucky ones didn't.
Paragraph 2 - We repeatedly told customers we didn't know what was going on and why stuff didn't work.
Paragraph 3 - We still don't really know why stuff didn't work but there was problems with the storage.
Paragraph 4 - Sorry about that, we'll have a go at delivering high quality service but what really matters is cost cutting to hit our stated corporate goal of $20 EPS by 2015.



A little too late perhaps...

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See everyone Sarah DOES care about IBM's ad spend with FearFacts oops I mean Fairfax.



This whole thing has highlighted the poor reporting by NZ Herald and CW, they both over hype dthe outage as a DATA centre failure. our business is not on this infrstructure affected so did not have any issues however our clients were concerned after reading incorrect reports.



As a ex pat worker it does make me laugh and cringe at the same time how small minded NZ mentatility with tall poppy syndrome automatically go on the attack of corprates especially from the USA.



what? kevin with his laptop with some questions? storage unit failed? and? get a grip. The victorians are laughing their effing heads off at our incompetence.



This just gets better, AND again we have it - seriously Poor PR Who in IBM is advising this leader?



So, the letter and article are both written by Jennifer - is this the "FearFacts" factor?

Letter to the editor from IBM NZ managing director Jennifer Moxon
By Jennifer Moxon | Auckland | Wednesday, 27 February, 2013 | 12 Comments



... for media to sensationalize news. There wasn't any sex or violence involved, so it has to be presented some other way (a data centre outage sounds impressive)

... for IBM to reply untold days after the event with a short letter giving bugger all explanation of the cause.

... for all those anonymous people who know absolutely nothing about the event to make their fine judgments and question the integrity and skill of everyone possibly involved from the toilet cleaner to the CEO



I would love to be a fly on the wall in a few Wellington offices at the moment ...

"So we waited 6 months for them to come to terms ?"
"And they were needed to be the "major player" to keep those Kiwi companies honest ?"
"and they assured us that they were Tier 3"
"and they drop their VDC platform due to simple storage outage ?"
"for THREE days ?"
"and they still don't know why ?"
"well why the hell did we put them on the panel ?"
"well it was them or HP ..."
"OK .. fair point"



...your picture Jenny, the one from 20 years back don't cut it anymore.

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