theCloud claims NZ first for secure file sharing service

Company says it is the first to create a secure file sharing service where the data is housed in New Zealand

New Zealand infrastructure specialist company theCloud believes it is the first New Zealand supplier to introduce a secure file sharing service where the data is housed in New Zealand.

Its HomeDrive product, released last month, integrates to network drives, web sites and Microsoft Exchange Outlook.

“We’ve got more than 50 individuals using the beta release offer,” says national sales manager Andrew Clausen. “We’re introducing a billing model later this month.”

Clausen likens the service to Dropbox. “It’s also very similar to what Kim Dotcom is offering. There’s a direct comparison but we’re geared more toward business users.

“Being local, addresses the issue of data sovereignty.”

HomeDrive creates a secure area on the local hard drive, called a vault. All folders and files stored on a vault are protected by 256 bit encryption. When the application is closed, the vaults are invisible, making it impossible for unauthorised individuals to access private data. A personal password makes the vaults available within the standard file management applications, such as Explorer and Mac Finder.

HomeDrive retains 14 daily backups against accidental deletion.

It has the ability to remotely shred all files and folders if the computer is stolen.

Every time the user logs on, HomeDrive scans the online vault and automatically synchronises the files that have been added to or changed by other team members.

HomeDrive includes a range of mobile apps that allow access to the files from any major platform. Mobiles apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

theCloud was established three years ago, offering highly scalable and automated infrastructure.

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there are several...



They will need a point of difference more than just data sovereignty I suspect.

Put it this way, I'm quite keen to see the pricing and functionality. If its comparable to what I'm using offshore now, I'd most likely swap.



The question I have, from an intergrators view, is who do they peer with? The shortest route possible is what matters here. Do they peer at APE and WIX? How about CHIX? Or am I going to bounce my data up and down the country like a yoyo?



I would PREFER my data to be stored out of the country.

In the event of a natural disaster in NZ there is a good chance that my local data will be destroyed. If my 'backup' is also stored in NZ then that may also be destroyed.
If, on theother hand, it is stored in the USA/Europe etc then much less likely to lose my backup

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