Intralot CEO responds to recent Computerworld articles

Letter to the editor from Intralot NZ chief executive Garry Mitchell

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express our concern with the articles published in Computerworld on April 22 and May 7 2013 that question the integrity of Intralot New Zealand and our parent company Intralot SA.

The Computerworld articles:

• Seek to unfairly impugn Intralot’s reputation by relying on unproven historical allegations and industry gossip. All independent investigations into the historical allegations have proven that the allegations have no substance, and were politically motivated.

Intralot SA, our parent company, provides gaming and transaction services in 56 jurisdictions across Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America, Oceania and Africa. Based on a global Industry practice and legislative provisions INTRALOT has undergone due diligence and probity checking processes in most of these jurisdictions.

• Ignore the fact that the Department of Internal Affairs went through its own competitive tender process, and carried out detailed due diligence and probity checks prior to selecting Intralot NZ for the initial EMS contract, and for the Integrated Gambling Platform contract.

As the chief executive of Intralot NZ, I take great pride in the integrity, professionalism, performance, and delivery record of our staff and company.

The fact that these articles question the integrity of our company and staff is extremely disappointing. It demonstrates a poor and one-sided investigation by your journalist and how little he knows about our systems, staff security processes, the company governance, and our successful delivery record over the past eight years.

All Intralot NZ’s staff, including operational, support, development, engineering, IT and management resources, are based in New Zealand. Intralot NZ has invested significantly in our business and local infrastructure, and provides additional business to local suppliers and contractors.

The implementation of the initial EMS system was and still is a huge success, with the implementation completed ahead of schedule and below budget. The project was a finalist in three categories of the 2007 Computerworld Awards. The New Zealand EMS is considered as a benchmark for monitoring systems by the international gaming industry, and both DIA and Intralot have the right to be proud of their achievements.

It is disappointing that the Computerworld articles decided not to focus on all the positive achievements of both DIA and Intralot to date.

It would be appreciated if you would print this letter as our formal response to the two articles published by Computerworld.

Yours sincerely,

Garry Mitchell

Chief Executive

Intralot New Zealand

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Maybe you have carried out "a poor and one-sided investigation, Mr Mitchell. You say, "...the Department of Internal Affairs went through its own competitive tender process, and carried out detailed due diligence and probity checks prior to selecting Intralot NZ for the initial EMS contract, and for the Integrated Gambling Platform contract".

But the Department of Internal Affairs never put the contract for the Integrated Gambling Platform out for tender.



I think you work for Intralot "Good On You Garry Mitchell!" I hope they pay you dirt money. Intralot is currently under investigation in Romania and Korea for graft and corruption. It is currently under investigation by the European Commission for an illegal deal and insider trading. It is under investigation by a Federal Grand Jury in Washington.
Intralot and its executives have been investigated repeatedly around the world for everything from espionage to lottery fixing. Intralot has been fined in South Africa, Australia, Columbia (and who knows where else) for shady shit. Ever heard of the Siemens Black Funds Scandal? Google it. Siemens had to pay $450 Million to the Department of Justice and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to settle bribery and corruption charges. Intralot's Chairman was summoned before a parliamentary commission in connection with the Siemens's case regarding large orders of equipment that were granted to Siemens. Siemens Greek CE ended up on one of Kokkalis' boards after Siemens got rid of him. Constantinos Antonopoulos' home was attacked with a grenade in 2010. These are not the sort of people we want involved with government here.



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NZ journalism is never about the truth, it is about the headline. Good on you for bringing your side to the fore. Must also congratulate Computerworld for publishing it. Pity they didn't do a better job of researching the full story in the first place however.



Does Intralot really have a right to be proud of its achievements Mr Mitchell? Yes Intralot has made lots of money. But, at what cost to its integrity? What about its convictions, scandals, fines and secrets. How much did the IGP cost? Why didn't the Integrated Gambling Platform project go out for tender?

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