Freeth quits TelstraClear

TelstraClear CEO's last day is November 1

Folllowing the sale of TelstraClear to Vodafone, TelstraClear CEO Allan Freeth will leave the company on Thursday, the company has announced.

A statement issued by the company says that Freeth will leave “pending the completion of the sale of TelstraClear to Vodafone New Zealand, expected on 31 October 2012.”

His last day at TelstraClear will be November 1.

TelstraClear chairman Gordon Ballantyne praised Freeth’s leadership in taking the company from “a fledgling challenger to a major profitable player.”

"Allan has also played a key part in the sale of Telstra Clear to Vodafone NZ, which we expect to complete shortly. We thank Allan for his commitment and effort over the seven years he led the company and wish him all the best for the future,” Ballantyne


Freeth has been with the company since 2005.




Gordon Ballantyne said TelstraClear had grown from "a fledgling challenger to a major profitable player" during Freeth's seven-year spell at the helm - What have you been smoking Gordon? The revenues have been in decline for the last 4 yrs!! And what profit are you talking about - oh , is it the 1 mill they posted last FY on the revenue of nearly 700 mill?? Challenger you say - the only reason anyone went to them was to get away from Telecom - now thanks to this desperate sale the customers of NZ will not event have that option! Guess you had to sell before Allan ran it into the ground - some payback for the 1.5 billion Telstra invested in it. Wonder which gullible board is going to give Allan his next job - maybe one that wants to sell their company for a loss!! He does have an enviable record - (Guardian)Trust Bank, (PGG) wrightsons and now Voda-Clear !! Good Luck Allan !



Don't let the door hit you on the way out.



Best thing that has happen to TelstraClear in 7 years. Freeth and his ego leaving the business. Great day for TelstraClear. Hopefully the rest of his muppets will follow.



Under Freeth's rein, TCL has lost so many large customers including: MSD, IAG, Justice, Westpac to name but a few. Well over $75m pa in lost revenue. What a record. Geni did not need a sales force with Freeth in charge.



Its amazing this company never got profitable in a growing market. Allan: Overhead and consumer delivery audits for your next board room space.



So which is it? The best of times ? or the worst of times?

Surely there should be a Tui Slogan in the making here!

Allan you will be missed - YEAH RIGHT

Muppet Master


It was once a great company and has been slowly dragged down by a shareholder that wouldn't answer the phone when it rang, to an executive team that was too busy looking after "the boys" and lead by a man who wore his heart on his sleeve and an ego the size of a small country.

Problem is I can't see the teeny boppers of Vodaphone doing any better... from ego to arrogance, I just can't wait!



It's quite obviuos a few Telecom employees are voicing their opinions hear. Freeth really rattled you guys didn't he?

Yes it wea Telstra Australia that pulled the pin on investment in TelstraClear - which stopped TCL's network rollout dead in it's tracks preventing TCL becoming a true challenger.

They pulled investment because of Telecom's preditory pricing was left un-chcked by ComCom.

Freeth was on a hiding to nothing. I admire him for his persistance.



The biggest loss will be his advertorial utterances in the industry media. In a sector where publications are starved of informed comment, Freeth stands out as the guy who went to the length of paying megabucks to have his weird opinions published.

And I fear for his tailor. Will Allan continue to be recognised as best dressed Wellingtonian now that he is a nobody again?



Telstra should hire Chris Quin!!



Believe me when I say many staff at TelstraClear will not miss him.



Cut down the tall poppy lol. Just keep posting in living room with the curtains drawn... mum should be bringing your lunch soon.

I'm sure every one of you could do much better

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