Former InternetNZ boss appointed Mega CEO

Vikram Kumar to take over from Tony Lentino as Mega CEO.

Vikram Kumar, who resigned as head of InternetNZ last month, has been appointed the new CEO of Kim Dotcom’s web service Mega.

Mega’s interim CEO Tony Lentino, owner of Instra Corporation and shareholder at Mega, will maintain a seat as a director with Mega.

“In addition to running the Instra business, I am happy to work alongside other Mega executives, combining our abilities to create a global success”, Lentino says in a statement issued by Mega yesterday evening.

“I have assisted Mega since its inception, putting time and energy into finding investors, setting up support staff and general overview of the company in its initial stage. Now Mega runs on a day-to-day routine and I am pleased to hand the role of CEO to Vikram who is an experienced leader in the internet industry.”

Kumar says since the company launched two weeks ago, two million subscribers have joined

In his blog he explains what led to his decision to take up the new role: “I hadn’t met Kim before and so went to “the mansion” to meet the Mega team (Kim, Mathias, Finn, and Bram) in mid-Jan. The next week Mega launched with extensive media coverage. All of this provided the opportunity to look at Mega from every angle. Many, many hours of thinking later, I decided to take on this challenging role.”

He writes that among his reasons for joining Mega are the opportunity to join an internet start-up that “comes with a whole new set of challenges (exponential growth while cash is heavily constrained) but has the terrific atmosphere of constant energy, urgency and innovation.”

He also says “the value Mega promotes align with my own - openness, innovation, privacy, and security.”

Following his departure from InternetNZ last month Kumar told CIO's sister magazine Computerworld his next career move would be in a role that looks wider than the policy side of the internet. “something involved with using the internet, with innovation or social enterprise."


B Ware


I would suggest the everyone's initial reaction, and on-going attitude, to this outfit should be caution!

Joel Wirāmu


Congratulations Vikram. The fuss is good for mega PR but from a technical and service viewpoint mega is just doing what google microsoft and a host of other players like dropbox etc already do. I am just glad that a big hosting provider is doing it's operations out of NZ - even if the servers are in zurich.



My initial reaction was caution.... Then he told me about the pay and I thought about still looking for job and it was an easy decision.

John Harrop


I personally wish the team at Mega a great deal of success - I believe in the rights of copy write holders to protect their intellectual property, and I also believe in the rights of the individual for privacy. We don't hold the corporations who make paper accountable for every user of a photocopier nor should we make the people who provide cloud storage accountable for the users of that storage.



And that thing is where the income is going to come from. The previous Mega groups fantastic success had nothing to cloud storage in the conventional sense. It came from a system that monetised the sharing of content on Mega's servers. That mean't that the more an uploaders content was downloaded by paying customers, the more the uploader earned so the more they uploaded. If the massive amount of content that people were happy to pay to download wasn't pirated movies, music, software etc then what was it? Only an idiot could believe otherwise.

So if their new venture doesn't include this business model, then what is it? Yet another cloud provider offering free storage? Ho-hum....

Would you trust this organisation with your critical data? As much as I like Kim Dotcom as a personality, I have to say, I wouldn't.

Unless they have something pretty amazing yet to pull out of a hat or they're not telling the whole truth about their intentions, how is this thing going to make any money?

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